Surprising Egg (Prints Inside)

by Superbeasti Apr 5, 2019
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The rabbit slices with several horizontal layers mid model. Is this normal or it due to auto repair of 2500 errors in the stl file?

What software(s) are you using? It could be due to how these are created, which leaves the shells in the .stl file. If they show up as errors, I don't know, but they won't affect the end results in such a simple geometries.

The egg with the rabbit seems to print well for me, but the quail with the heart always fails at about 50% I think the heart comes lose and then filament just goes everywhere. Meshmixer will not run on my PC :(


...most the eggs are empty, they dont come with animals already in them.
The listed animals dont even have models... no chicken, no ostrich, no quail....
the egg with the rabbit is all jacked up, and Slic3r only shows partially rendered model egg, but dosnt show it at all once sliced, only the rabbit is shown.
Nothing is usable.

...oh well

Sorry to disappoint, but I tried to explain what the idea behind this design was in the summary and only included a few examples (the bunny and the pendant). It takes only 2 minutes to add what ever .stl file You want inside any of the eggs, so maybe give it a go?

Thanks very much for this thing! I printed the pre-made rabbit chicken egg and quail heart egg using Das Filament PLA. However mine both just cracked along a middle layer all the way around, not "like a normal egg" in your pictures. Do you use any special print settings?

Hi! Nothing fancy with the print settings, except maybe that I use a 0,5mm nozzle, but I still configure Cura like it's a 0,4mm one. This seems to give quite good layer adhesion! I've also noticed the white das Filament PLA seems to break across the layers, which suits this particular design rather well.

You have customizer activated at this thing, but doesn't work.

Hi! I know, but I decided to enable the option, as this is really meant to be customized. The summary has the details for using Meshmixer for customization and also includes my apologies for misusing the Customizer!

"Meant to be customized" and "meant for the Customizer" are not the same thing, and you have done yourself no favors by confusing the two.

Fair enough, I've removed the option.