1:10 scale offroad trailer for crawlers

by FarmersMark Apr 5, 2019
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What length M4 screw did you use the mount the wheels?

new to printing what infill and layer height do you recommend

Hi, try 0.2 layer height, should work fine. Infill around 25% will do for most parts, axle components need more, maybe 50-75 %. Use wall line count 3 for more stiffness and durability.

Thankyou do you have a Link to the roof rack you have used on the lid of the big box please

new to printing what infill and layer height do you recommend

Hi, firstly, what a superb design, I love it. Just started printing this week, but I have one question.

The bearing blocks for the wheels, are you using one continuous bolt through each block or 2 from either side? The photos appear to show 2, as it looks like a hex head showing on both the wheel face and the back of the block which doesn't seem to add up when your using 4 bearings? None of the bolts you have listed are long enough to go completely through the bearing block so I just thought I'd ask for some advice.


Forget that.

Your screwing into the wheel hub itself. One from the inner through to the wheel hub, and one through the wheel to the hub. This then brings all the bearings into play.

Like it.

Comments deleted.

Nice look what size printer should i habe to do this?

Could you put a link where you can buy those wheels? Thanks! Fantastic work!

this is great work.. my ? is how do i use a solid axle on it?

Hi, the axle is designed as a split piece. Both parts are connected via the H-shaped link. The reason is to get more ground clearance. Hth!

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Nun der Anhänger ist ne Wucht und Super.Aber Leiter kahn ich die Hindere Stoßtange nicht Druck ich habe schön 5 Speicherkarten Probiert darunder 3 neu.Jetes mal wen ich die Speicherkarte mit der STL Datei der Stoßtange in meinen i3 Mega Reinschiebe geht es nicht und alles steht.Alle anderen Teile was ich bis jetzt Gedruckt habe gingen nur eben nicht die Stoßtange.Ich Bitte hir mall um Hilfe Danke.Und noch eine sehr schönen Sonntag


Hallo Richard,

leider weiß ich auch nicht, warum der Drucker die Datei nicht mag. Ich könnte die stl Datei in Cura slicen lassen und dir danach per Mail schicken.


Den hab ich doch im Forum gesehen, im TRX-4 Bilderthread?

Wollte schon fragen wo du den her hast xD

Cooles Teil, Hut ab, und jetzt rate mal, wer den demnächst auch fährt ^^

Vielen Dank für das Bereitstellen der Dateien :-)

Great work! Looking forward to the development of this trailer. Something like the picture that "adammelancon" attached would be great!

So close! I was hoping this would be 1:24 scale for my Barrage. I want to build an overlanding trailer for my small truck, kind of like the turtleback trailers. I wonder if I can scale it correctly for 1:24 in the slicer. Looks great!

Thank you, please let me see your ongoing project! The turtleback model looks awesome, indeed. That gives me good inspiration, I am still a bit unsure about how to continue my build.