Handgun History - A 3D Tour

by danlovy Apr 8, 2019
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If one wanted to print these at 1:1 scale, what percentage should they be printed at?

Been wanting to print that Mauser Zig-Zag and Frommer Stop.

You DIVIDE any of the dimensions by .318 and that should get your to 1:1. Let me know (or post) how the print goes.

Well thought out and put together, thanks! I admit, I have caught this during a bit of insomnia and not read the entire .pdf (downloaded for later though), so I can't comment thoroughly, however, I agree with you on the aspect of studying the refinement of firearms. I had the 1911 as a carry for a few years (retired now) and really it seems mostly materials have changed.
A thought (besides the LeMat someone else mentioned) of an interesting example to add of the intersection between 3d printing and firearms, would be to add the "Liberator", I think it still holds the title of first functioning 3d printed gun, if not that one, then whichever holds the title.

I kind of look at firearms development like watches or motorcycles as they change, works of art in their own right.

Thanks for the note. I decided not to venture into the printed working gun swamp and focus on the historical aspects. I found a chart of number of parts across historical modlels. The average has ranged from 30-50 for 150 years. I'll post that list if I can find it again. Glad you enjoyed!

You missed the LeMat oterwise great collection

I thought about that one. I found this :

did not know how accurate it was and I felt I need to create a stopping point. I should add it to my wish list.

Westworld inspired Man in Black's LeMat Revolver

If I had my own printer I would download and print all of these; unfortunately, my university has a strict policy on weapon-related 3D prints.

That is awseome. They all look magnificent. How many of them have functioning internals, just out of curiosity or a they mostly solid? Cheers Jace

None have working internals. Some of the original models do. These are all printed at 30% size and no infill.

Wow that's a lot of awesome right there! You've compiled a good collection and a nice document to talk about them. Keep it up.

Thanks! Glad you enjoyed it. Let me know if you print any out.

Thanks! did you enjoy the write-up?

Thank you so much for these, I have to admit the phaser made me smile, all look like a great collection of weapons.

You are welcome. Let me know if you print any or all.