E3D v6 Hotend - 40mm Fan Duct

by loco Jun 5, 2014
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best e3d duct for a 40mm fan there is. Tried about 5 or 6 of them - this is the only one that has no problems with size, shape or model. it's amazing, over 2 years have passed and noone has come with anything better. And it actually snaps in on a standard 22-mm e#d radiator if you print it with ABS. At least mine did not - maybe the 1.4-mm walls helped. Creaked a bit but snapped in place and holds as tight as I'd ever want it to.

Printed V2 version and works well on e3d v6 original. Just dont put straight over radiator but move it from top down. If going straight it will break.

Excellent design. Thanks!

I printed in PLA face down the first time but broke it. The second time I printed it with the hole sideways and supports (still PLA). It's a lot stronger. On my printer (Anycubic i3 Mega), the PLA is only slightly warm when printing at 220 C, so it's all good even with PLA.

I made this, but unfortunately it doesn´t fit this E3D mount https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:2193695. The top of it hits the carriage!

Anet A8 E3D V6 Bowden MODULAR X Carriage V4 *BEST ONE*
by Don1337

I have now printed two of these in PETG, both times it broke (snapped) trying to push it on my V6. Is there a trick i am missing?

Dang it, re reading it see you slide it on... My bad

Thank you, the oem fan just doesn't cut it for me it seems, at least with the carriage that I am using. I definitely need more airflow when printing anything over 2 hours I have to turn the retraction way down or it will cause a jam. I'm really hoping this helps the heat sink stay cooler by moving more air. Going to give this a try!

Hi sorry but will this fit the smaller e3D V6 clone as mine measures approx 22mm in dia?

Did you ever find a solution here cause I'm in the same boat?

Would it be possible to get the step file for this? I need to elongate the throat to get past my carriage and parts cooler.


In case you're like me, don't try to press fit this on like the regular E3D clip - mine snapped even though it was printed with PETG at 250 with no fan. Slide it on from the top.

please add the cad file.

I have remixed your design, just giving you a heads up.

E3D V6 40mm Fan Duct Snap on with Zip tie tabs

Thanks a lot for your design.
Do you tap m3 threads to mount the fan or is it M2.5?

My 2.5 bolts self tapped in ABS.

It appears to be made to fit 22.3mm diameter hotends, not 25mm diameter ones. Please double check before you print. Great design though, sad I can't use it.

Do you guys use an authentic E3D Hotend?
It is dimesioned 22.3mm in the drawings and so is mine.

Hi, are you able to share source file to add on it object fans Sir?
Is it on Rhino or solidworks?

No, I use what's not really even a full hotend. It's just a hotend heatsink that's of the J-head breed. I was commenting and clarifying sizes for anyone else who wanted to print it, just to let them know to check the diameter of the print before making it and assuming they would fit.

(Wanna make a 25mm version? :-) I really like your design, and would like to be able to use it)

Split off the fan mount part, and scale the heatsink mount part to 1.121, then put them back together again. If you have windows 10, it is easy to do with the built in 3d editor, if you need help, I can throw it together when I get time.

If you wanna make a remix of it (I'm not confident I could scale it precisely enough with the 3D editing tools I have), I'd download it and include a link to it in my 3D printer build list.

Do not fit my v6 radiator, it's too small.

That's good design.
Thank you for your sharing.

Thanks for sharing. Printed at 100% with ABS, can't wait to install it later tonight.

Good design. Simplify3d has a bit of a bug slicing it though, it wants to completely fill in the opening at the fan end for a layer for some reason.... I've had a good look at the stl file and can't find any problems though.

Will print it and cut out the excess!

I know the comment is old. But my S3D is getting buggy too on this model, weird.
I rotated the model 90 degrees so I could print it stronger, but if I enable support, it just doesn't slice. It takes forever! "Looking for overhangs..."

Hi, how was the experience moving to the 40mm fan - any impact to heat up / cool-down times? What Fan did you use here and if you have the specs - what was the CFM/RPM?

Im not sure why he built it but for me the 30mm fan is the loudest fan on my printer so i want to put a low db 40mm fan.

As far as i remember, there wasn't any change at all.
I just used a generic 40mm fan, don't have any specs.

What % infill did you use?

Unfortunately, i can't remember.
I guess about 20-30% is ok.

Any chance you could make a version of this to fit the v5 hot end? this looks like the best design out there