Swappable hot end for Creality CR-10

by ProperPrinting Apr 7, 2019
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Hi ProperPrinting,

I found another source for the connectors (but out of stock too ...): www.distrilec.com . You can buy as B2C there, no need to be a B2B customer.
I ordered the following:
D-Sub hybrid-socket 144-17-310 FM11W1S-K121
D-Sub hybrid-plug 144-17-245 FM11W1P-K120
D-SUB 15PIN grey plastic cover 301-00-379 4 RND 205-00712
Screw+Washer+Nut(M3) 301-00-450 40 RND 205-00786
D-Sub socket 15-Pin 301-01-534 10 VLCP52804M

Currently I own an Anet A8, modified to an AM8 Alu frame and I want to make the BLV Mod with MGN12H rails as a second machine. I was searching for a quick swap system for this machine and found the one Faboaic made. I asked him if he could make a mgn version of his base plate, but he pointed me to this Thing. I saw the step file you posted and now I'm able to make the MGN mod myself. As we speak I'm printing the first trial of the mod. This is my first posting here so I have to figure out how posting a thing works. If all is done I'll post a link to it in the comments here.

I Like your video's too, and even your humor! People like you give this site an extra touch.
I think I'm gonna buy you a few coffee's for all your efforts you have made sofar. Being an addict too I know these are important ;-p .

Best regards,

Hi Ronny,

Thanks a ton for sharing and your comment! I hope that your design works out and I can't wait for the result! Cool that you like my videos, I'm having a lot of fun making them! If you mark your upload as a remix I get a notification and I'll add yours to the list of tools and modified versions which I keep a record of in the original Quick tool change. I am so happy that people like you are modifying and continue working on this platform. This is exactly what I've hoped!

The importance of coffee is real, thanks! If you have any questions left, don't hesitate to contact me :)



I wounder if you could upload the hotend holders .step file trying to combine it with a diffrent mount an cooling option by https://bantam.design/
Best regards Simon

Hi, thanks for your interest in the design. I've checked the site and it looks awesome, very well designed! I've attached the step file and hopefully this will work for you. Please let me know if it works or if you have any questions left.

I would totally buy the pre-made cable and connectors from you if were able to sell them at a reasonable price. Keep up the good work.

Awesome, good to read this, thanks!

hi, can you make a mount to use bltouch? I would like to be able to quickly disconnect and install it on another hot end.

This is something I really want to do too and I am planning on doing this. It would be awesome if you can switch between hot ends without having to adjust the bed (or z-stop) height. I have a video planned regarding this subject so it's in the pipeline :)

Precision piezo or a clone might be a great option for that.
Zero offset because the nozzle is the probe.
Just spend a piezo disk for each hot end.

Or put piezo's under the bed, no need to spend a piezo on every hot end (and possibly recalibrate the circuit every time you do a swap)

Good suggestion! I still have to figure this out completely but I'll take your suggestion definitely into account.

I'm building a new hybrid system based on the BLV mod and your swap system so I want to implement the bed based piezo's too. Still investigating what the best method will be. If I find something that works well, I will change my AM8 mod (from my original Anet A8) too. That way I can use all my tools on both my printers if needed.

Thanks, I am going to take a look into this. This sounds interesting!

Dry-fit assembly of the Fang-style, before I commit to putting in the heat-inserts. The fan cowl for that assembly may be a bit higher up than intended, but it seems like it will work fine.

Photo of the lower assembly with the drilled DB-11 connector and PTFE tube

Finding that 11W1 connector in the USA is a chore and a half -- and they are WAY too expensive ( $6-10 ). Mouser and Digi-Key charge quite a bit for them. Both in the US and abroad, it's fairly easy and cheap to find the standard DB-11 connector.

Here's a $0.99 solution -- DB11 connector, drilled out with a 4mm bit and a 3D printed jig.

I'm a little bit worried about the gauge of the pins and the amperage drawn by the heater... but it should be okay. Might get a bit warm.

This is awesome, thanks for sharing! This will definitely help people because you are not the only one struggling with getting these connectors. About the amperage through the pins: at the moment of typing this my printer is almost finished with a 10 hour print with PETG and I took some pictures with my thermal imaging camera. You can see on these pictures that the connector is not getting warm (I have an enclosure and the bed is at 60 deg C). The connectors I use are rated at 7.5A and a heater draws a little less than 3.5A. I can imagine that a cheaper connector can handle less current but that should be mentioned in the datasheet. I have even unplugged it several times while the printer is on and heating just for the sake of testing and the printer goes into error state, but nothing bad happens.

Thanks again for your effort!

Thanks for this awesome comment!

Do You think it is adaptable to Geeetech A30? It can works great with expansion board

Based on the pictures of that printer I would say yes. The bracket on which the hot end is fitted looks very similar to the Creality version. By the way, this looks like an awesome printer to experiment with in the future, thanks for bringing this up!

Wow !
Why didn't you come up with this more than a year ago ?!

Back in time there was nothing like that and I had to create something by myself:
CR-10 magnet mount for e3d, volcano, cr-10 stock, remix of heavy duty, MGN12 found on #Thingiverse https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:2758325

But yours is so much cooler than mine.
I will try to get some of the special connectors and abandon my magnet mount for yours. ;-)

Thanks for the great design. Really cool.

CR-10 magnet mount for e3d, volcano, cr-10 stock, remix of heavy duty, MGN12
by faboaic

I'd just found your design foboaic, and was intending to go down that route since I want to add alternate "hot end's" such as a drag knife for vinyl cutting, or a direct drive.

Now I've seen this from ProperPrinting I may have to hybridize the design to include both features (I still love the idea of the magnetic switchover.) :)

Thanks to you both :)

A hybrid design would be awesome! I am very curious with what you come up with, please keep us posted, thanks! :)

Thanks for your great comment! I wish I came up with it earlier too :P I have to say, your design is cool too! You have obviously put a lot of work in it and I think the result is great. It is nice that you use magnets and I can imagine that it is satisfying when it snaps into place. Thanks for your enthusiasm and I’ll be honored if you’ll use my design!

hi, that's a great design, can you tell me where can buy this kind of D sub??

Thanks! You are not the only one with this question and I am considering selling these myself because I can only find them at b2b sites as I have mentioned in the answer to SeeCoopPrint's question. The connectors are hard to get or rather expensive so I will do my best to make them available!

Where do you by those connectors? I would like to do try this mod?

Nice that you want to try this yourself! This question has been asked before on my blog and I can imagine you have a hard time finding those connectors. I have bought them from RS https://nl.rs-online.com/web/p/solder-d-sub-connectors/1600522/. However, this one is quite expensive and the cheaper versions are all out of stock (the females are hard to get). Other sites I buy from are: Farnell https://nl.farnell.com/fct-a-molex-company/fm11w1sa-k121/combo-d-sub-conn-rcpt-da-11w1/dp/2433164 (yes, out of stock) and Mouser https://nl.mouser.com/ProductDetail/Phoenix-Contact/1418759?qs=sGAEpiMZZMv3qGlUeJulRHFnyvWhSp%2FHwRNDDpzVHpQbQlgd5VqVEw%3D%3D

These sites are b2b sites and because I am seriously thinking of selling the upgrade as a kit it looks to me that it is not a bad idea to sell these connectors individually too.

so cool! I tried something like this as well, but yours is really elegant!

Thanks for your comment! I have to say that I am very pleased with this result and I really hope a lot of people can benefit from it :)

Very cool idea, I think your on to something hear.

I definitely think you could sell kits of this.

Thanks, I definitely hope so! As I have mentioned in the reply to Brainfarth's comment I have to figure a couple of things out and run some test before selling it to make sure I can deliver a good product. I will dive into this the coming weeks.

Great idea with the connector. I remember seeing those a long time ago on pieces of electronic equipment. And I bet if you created a quick-disconnect set, people would buy it. Maybe on Ebay.

Thanks for your comment! Selling this as a set on Ebay is actually a good idea. I will do some research of what I have to do to get there (cost calculation, best places to get the components, best methods of assembling, packaging etc.). Before getting there I am going to print a lot with it and with different hot ends to make sure that everything works as I would expect. I will do some tests, for example what happens if you disconnect it during a print, to make sure that I can deliver a good product.