Part Cooler/ Fan duct for Anycubic i3 Mega

by GrEy3001 Apr 8, 2019
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Another such question. Could you tell me the approximate full height of your e3d v6? The fact is that I use the clone e3d v6 and I am wondering if its dimensions are the same as yours. Without any spacer on anycubic mega s, I have a very deep fit. The original e3d v6 has a total length of 62 mm. Do you have the same?

Hi! I've got an original e3d v6 with a 0,4mm Microswiss nozzle. Its length is approx. 64mm.

Strange. I have exactly the same size. But without an extension spacer, the fan is in the extreme position of the fasteners and rests against the casing. That is, it is not possible to combine the heater nozzle with the duct. duct is lower. This is very strange, since the model mega S should not be different knot carriage from the model mega i3.

I liked your option blowing. but in the mega version, the fan in the extreme right position abuts the extruder motor. Can you add a blower version with an inverted fan position?

Hi! I´ve added a new version of this fan duct, including a second, mirrored one ;)

I ask you to excuse me for perseverance) When you inverted the position of the fan, it seems to me that it will now rest on the engine of the Z axis. Could you arrange it perpendicular to the current position? And is it possible to make inside diffusers inside, as I feel the main air flow comes from the fan? So that they direct part of the air to the far hole.
You have inside one air divider in the middle. Add next to it on the sides on the same air divider. But so that they direct part of the air sideways. I think that efficiency will increase.

Sorry but I'm using the V2 myself and it works just perfekt for me, so i decided to share it for free. I've no intention to change this design... Thank you for you feedback that the mirrored version won't work, I'll delete it.

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