Gravitrax compatible spiral staircase

by alex80it Apr 8, 2019
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But bottom and middle steps printed perfectly and w/o problem in PLA for me. But I ran into issues slicing the top. I don't know if it is the geometry of the model or my slicer settings. Cura only provided supports under one of the overhanging hooks. The other one just hangs out in mid-air. (See attached Cura screenshot--the yellow support for the right hook is missing.)

I imported the model into TinkerCad and dropped a small block under the hooks (but not touching them), and when I imported my revised model, Cura placed supports everywhere one would expect.

It's weird, and I believe it is a slicer issue, I sliced the model I printed during the design and test phase with Simplify 3d, but have now switched to Cura. If I find the time to try slicing it with Cura I'll get back to you and let you know if I face the same issue... Good job on finding a temporary solution though, and thanks for taking the time to print this design, I hope you find it fun to play with!


hi, i like all your designs and already printed some of them. my son loves them too.
with this one i have some issues printed in PETG. the parts are quite lose if i stack them together.
normally my printer is well dialed in but it will not work by some reason.
any idea what that could be?

I have never printed in PETG, I usually print in PLA. I don't know why it comes out so loose for you, the single staircase modules are designed to be an "easy" fit in order for a child to be able to assemble and disassemble them, but they should still hold the staircase upright once assembled and "hooked" to a platform on the top. The bottom part is not meant to be a tight fit in the tile it rests upon, because stability is granted by the hooking on the top.
So, if you mean that the whole staircase, once assembled but not yet hooked, doesn't sit tight in the bottom tile, that's normal. If, however, you mean that the single steps don't hold together at all, then it is not normal...
Please let me know if the whole, assembled and hooked staircase works for you. :)

can U design a top which U can connect to a rail instead of a tile?
I have the idea to combine your elevation system an this stair. You know what I mean?

Unfortunately not, because the top part needs a firm tile next to it to "hook" onto. This gives the whole staircase more rigidity... If you connected the top part to a rail the weight of the marble running on the rail woul tip the whole staircase over... :)