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Blockystar® The new Door Stopper; window stopper. It's also a Bumper. It's also a wall and handle protector

by blockystar, published

Blockystar® The new Door Stopper; window stopper. It's also a Bumper. It's also a wall and handle protector by blockystar Nov 23, 2012


It's a patented product manufacturer in soft rubber in Spain. Only 2 months in the market.
It's design, it's reusable, it's the only one in the market that makes 3 functions in one product:
1.- Bumper
2.- Doorstopper & windowstopper
3.- A handle and wall protector


You can install it with your foot! So easy, so clever, so design, so functional. When you are not using it, only hold it in the hand of the door or window.

For installing, make a small presure to Blockystar; and it is installed; for desintallation, make a small presure again. That's all!

It works also a bookend, ...

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Супер! Спасибо!!!

Hi Gays; I had changed my picture! With which you can see that Blockystar can be used by the foot!

How can someone tag "Useless" to the most important & usefull prodcut never created for keep doors and windows open? Those people has not understood anything about Blockystar®.
Wedge - Bumper - Handle & wall protector.
Those person had they seen the movie?
I don't think so; and you what do you think about?

I can't believe 4 people already tagged this as "derp" before me.  I love teh Interwebz

I am a bit sad that I only had 4 things uploaded with that tag before someone else added to it.  I was using it as a fast way to tell people how to find things I made.

Don't worry McMaster,
Many famous people where not understood for the other people until their dead. Look what happens to Van Googh! I hope that would not happens to as!

Excuse me. What is "Derp"? Is a good thing or is a bad thing?.

p.s. In most English speaking countries BS is usually interpreted as meaning Bull Shit, you may want to stop using that abbreviation.

Wao Michael, your coments are really wellcome. I see...I would try to answer to your coments & also ask you some more questions:
1.- Do you know a comunity webside where we can show patented products design already manufactureds, because I understand that my goal for Blockystar® is maybe not Thingverse. (By the other hand, I'll post all type of pictures of the new patented inventions for a new universal PLUG system-Comening soon once the prototyping would be finished)
But you to know that your comments and also those of Jason had been really constructive for me & my business
2.- Have I understood, that the goal of Thingiverse is to be able to manufacturer ourselfs; for as, all the products that are on the webside; without paying the patent, the manufacturer and the retailer that sells it, and the document 3D because someone has already done it?
If that is the goal, I can't belive it!
I suppose to make business with that item. Because is my job. What do you think if I used the knowlaged of a lawer, without paying it? Do you think that normal?
Can you please inform me, about if I had good understood?
3.- More than 1515 persons had seen Blockystar pictures?
4.- I didn't know that BS, wanted to say Bulls Shit, how many thing I learn...

 1. Sorry, I'm here for the sharing, don't know, maybe talk to advertising agency.

  1. Yes, Thingiverse is to share for FREE. See http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Open_sourcehttp://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/O.... It is a philosophy. Some people make a living selling their Open Source products, even though anyone could reproduce them if they wished. You may also wish to see http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Repraphttp://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/R....
  2. See Tags <- over there on the right. More have seen it, but 1615 actually took time to tag it as SPAM. That is not a good thing, these people though your Thing was a waste of time.

I think Thingiverse is probably not for you.

Dear Michael,
Thank you very much again for your sentences explaining to me what is exactely "Thigiverse". You are alright, it's not what I thought it is was. Now I know it!.
Yes, I'll not anymore use the Abrevations BS... now I'm thinking which to use... 
Best regards.

re blockystar comment "In my opinion is not a SPAM to inform to the world a new product...".
Thingiverse is not a general place to inform the world about a new patented design. There are other places to advertise, if you look at the Tags, 1615 people went out of their way to tag this as 'spam'. So I am not alone.

Thingiverse is a place for you to share your digital designs with the
world. We believe that just as computing shifted away from the
mainframe into the personal computer that you use today, digital
fabrication will share the same path. In fact, it is already happening:
laser cutters, cnc machines, 3D printers, and even automated paper
cutters are all getting cheaper by the day. These machines are useful
for a huge variety of things, but you need to supply them with a digital
design in order to get anything useful out of them. We're hoping that
together we can create a community of people who create and share
designs freely, so that all can benefit from them.


The website located at http://www.thingiverse.comwww.thingiverse.com ... a service for users to share digital designs that can
be printed on 3D printers to create physical objects.

So you come along, you do not SHARE (patented), you do NOT include a digital design e.g. a STL or other file.

So if you are NOT sharing a digital design file, then Thingiverse is not the place.

If your intent was to share your design, licensing it as open source, under Attribution - Creative Commons licence, as you have by posting here (see wider terms of use), then you ideally need a digital design file, I see Jason has helped by creating a derivative including a STL. However I suspect you didn't want to share...

You do have a very good design, heck I locked my kids out of the bedroom in 2 secs with this thing.   And that was made out of ABS.  I'm guessing your making these via a mold by hand?     And then selling them in Spain?   You need to look for a market with a ton of bored house wifes  and dudes in office buildings that can use this to prop their office door open.  

This could be a geek toy all the way.   OR if it was hardened I could hang drywall like beast with this thing (that is good).

I use http://etsy.cometsy.com then look for areas to seed the idea to others using videos and some google marketing tricks.    Make a store on etsy and pin it using http://pinterest.com/http://pinterest.com/.    The world of the pinterest zombies will do the rest if you have enough media that is interesting linked to the product.

 I do believe in a total open source approach however because on thing stands true.  There are more of us and few of you. Patents are really sort of in a bad spotlight right now because of the whole patent first manufacture later.  Meanwhile good ideas rot because they never reach manufacturing.   Best invented things can't be manufactured because somebody thought it up but never had enough money to sell it.

 So you have one thing we cannot do.. make this out of foam.   And in colors.   

I made a 3D version because I was bored..  I think you need to release it via open hardware and see what happens to it.  I made this via a picture of your product on a side view.   How did you make the concept?

BTW the smaller version is quite handy.

Get me a front and side view via a scanner and I'll make you a STL file to share.

Open hardware is sort of scary but you need to mass invent and share.   
Glory will come later as you build up a name for yourself.

http://[email protected]

It's my first creation; we are selling it really good in design stores and also DIY market.
My English is quite poor, so I want to excuse me for it. 
JasonWelsh: You are right when you say that a good text would be what do you propose. The STL file is not there because I had created the product and manufactured it without that file in 3 Dimensions.
In the other hand I think that Blockystar® is a really funny, practical, design, clever prodcut, that can be used from any age.
I will try to add the link of the movie for you to see the differents colours.

MichaelAtOz: It's really easy to lauf about names, can you please inform as what prodcuts had you created and named? Because what is BlockyTry(r); had you made a world patented in your product; because Blocky Star has a world patented

Ciclone:It's not a weird advertisement; it's an advertisement of a real product already produced; that is selling already in Spain and France market (IN only 2 months) and we are in negotiations with diferents distributors arround the world. Hopping soon in the USA market,also.

3daybreaker: Your Wedge is a good product; but it can not been compared to Blockystar®; because BS is a bumper, BS can be used in windows, BS works for spaces between 0 to 12cm, BS can be hold on the handle of your door and window, BS is a double wedge (I mean that stops the movement to bouths sides or directions); BS is a soft plastic with diferents colours designs, BS can be used also as a Bookend, BS makes not noise, BS dont' need bateries, BS is selled at a reatilers price between 5,00€ to 7,00€
BS is my creation.

I want you to thank you for your comments; because I believe that we grow up and get better, talking with other people.

We thank you for continuing to post your comments and be happy to read them and obviosly answer them.

Really thanks for all and have a nice weekend!

I don't care if you have universal patents.
You SPAM Thingiverse to advertise your product, not to share a design. You load a .doc file that is useless.

In my opinion is not a SPAM to inform to the world a new product, a new concept that I had created only two months ago. A concept that is already manufactured and that is only available, today, in Spain & France.
Can you please inform me, what information I must to introduce in the loading file?
I'm new in that world, and the phater of my wife has patented a new PLUG system. Today is is in prototyping time, so soon I would be able to include all photos of prototyping. For BS I can't do it because I have not make any prototype, we had made directly the mold.

 I will reply at the top. This comment box is getting too small.

We should all make a Derivative and attach it for fun.  "wonder wedge"  "prickly pear" the "razor back". 

Isnt "Attribution - Creative Commons" grand ;)

Or their new and they forgot the STL file......But that is not fun to think about now is it.


 See Mark I prototype in 'Made One' I call it BlockyTry(r)

Is this just a weird advertisement then?

 That's how I read it.

My last printed spam-filter was in PLA, maybe I should print a tougher one in ABS ??


See my own Travel Safety & Security Hotel door wedge..... Which is a real Thing

Thanks, I should be able to whip one of these up easily.