Sewer Tiles 2x2 (Openforge 2.0 compatible)

by Poxos Apr 9, 2019
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Cura is saying sewer_wall_connector_2.0 and sluice straight are not solid , havent tried any of the other models.

I printed everything of this set using Cura myself. (using the "draft" preset profile) There should be no problem. Most of the tiles aren't technically "solid", but are very well printable.

These are incredible!
Are there recommendations for how many of what should be printed to have a "complete" set?

Hi KingCrimson, first of all thank you, but you really need to thank devonjones for designing these tiles. I just made them compatible with openforge 2.0. There is no "complete set" on this one. I'd recommend you to take a piece of checkered paper and just make a plan for yourself on how many tiles you need for different displays. I personally go for around 50 -75 tiles per set, this is where I feel comfortable building different dungeons. (But I, as a DM, only use terrain for encounters only- I never display full dungeons. I prefer to rely on the narrative at most parts) But it really depends. For "starter set" to display a sewer segment, that just goes around one corner (which might be enough to display a smaller encounter), I'd say you need around 14 wall tiles (also piped if you will), 4 straight sluices, 1 curved, 2 ends, 1 Connector and 5 corners. I will also add sewer entrances that will work as normal walls as well. If you want to have a little more options I'd say you double or triple that, and add some Sluice Tee's or Crosses and some extra Connector Tiles in the Mix. Also add some extra Cut Stone Floors if you want to expand the width. (You'll need one per tile on the outside margin). This really adds up to a lot.

But again, take that piece of paper, and plan it out for yourself. Nobody can really tell you how much you'd need, for your own purposes.

take a look at dungeonprint studio by Aaron Mulder https://studio.dungeonprint.com/


I've been telling people it basically can't be done and you did it.

Thanks Devon, Your appreciation really means a lot.

Alltough as I said, the solution is not "ideal" (the sluice is getting pretty thin towards the middle, and it lost a few details along the way) but it works out pretty ok. And with paint, water-gel, resin or other stuff I think people can really work around the "shallowness" :)

It's a tough problem. I've had a somewhat regular stream of requests for this. I've always been concerned that the floor level would have to be higher than other tiles. Maybe I could at 2-4 mm to them to get just a little more room in the sluice, but honestly this solution looks pretty tight. Or maybe what I could consider is adding a stone border around the sluice so that it's edges can go above floor level.

Anyway, great work, this has been vexing me for literally years at this point.

I also thought of adding that stone border, but then again, I couldn't think of many sewers that actually have this kind of "stone railing". (At least the ones I know from games), so I decided to leave that be. Another possibility I thought about is to make thicker bases (or even elevated tiles like the ones I made for Lifeburns Cavern) for all the other sewer tiles except the sluice, and create more depth that way. But in this case you'll need a solution for a smooth transition between those and other openforge 2.0 tiles (But to be honest, most sewer are probably entered through the top anyway, so in most cases this wouldn't have been much of a problem. You will however, have a greater amount of material needed to print those, which might bug a lot of people). So in the end I just thought that the actually the simplest solution of those three works out the best for me, so I stuck with it.

some sewers also have a drop to them, so my risers in the new stairs for dungeon stone: https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:3393468 might be an interesting thing for me to add too, following that higher base solution at least for the walls.

OpenForge 2.0 Dungeon Stone Stairs

Totally, risers would do the trick in this case. But still, it bugs me a littlebit, that too much material is gonna be needed for one tile to print, and then you still have the problem that you'll need stairs, say if you want to enter the sewer through a cave or cavern segment. But yeah there are definitely some ways :)

are these then the finals or are you going to mod them a bit more ?

I myself will stay with this solution for now and keep on posting stuff that works with it, because I thinks it's simple and effective. Unless you'd might have some tips for approvement that is.

But of course I don't know what devon is going to come up with in the future ;)

ooh no i have no ideas XD i am a bit new to this whole hobby :D i am busy printing my first dungeon now plain dungeon stone then i think i am going to print your cavern ... but anyway you are doing a great job making more tiles for 2.0 :D and i cant wait to see what Devon will come up with:D