Fortnite Hand Cannon w/ Blowback and Shell Ejection

by RayGunProject Apr 9, 2019
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thank you for this awesome file and for all of your help! I have the whole thing built (thanks to the pieces I ordered from you on Etsy) and all put together but the only thing I'm having trouble with is getting the trigger to catch and actually pull the slide back. I think my problem is with that little piece that goes on the front part of the trigger. that tiny little piece called "trigger hook"

my problem is that it's not catching and pulling the slide back. is that piece supposed to be stuck diagonally so it is always angled so it will catch? or is it supposed to be able to rotate so it can face down when the trigger goes forward and then angle up so it catches when I pulled the trigger back? do you have any ideas on how I can get this to work? sometimes when I keep pulling the trigger the "trigger hook" piece will actually rotate all the way around and be upside down. I'm not sure if I should sand it down or which sides of the "trigger hook" I should sand down or if I should try to sand down the piece that the "trigger hook" catches onto

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when the trigger slides forward is the trigger hook supposed to hit the trigger ramp and get angled upwards when it hits that?

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Yes! The Trigger Hook should have a somewhat snug fit so that when it hits the Trigger Ramp, it gets angled up to catch the Launcher. A good Trigger Hook should be loose enough to turn, yet stiff enough to stay in place when pulling back on the trigger. If your Trigger Hook, goes back down when you pull, it's too loose. If it's really loose, it can turn completely around like you described above. You may need to reprint the Trigger Hook and carefully and lightly sand until you get the right fit. If it's too loose to begin with, scale it up by 0.2mm until it's too tight, then sand it down.

how does the slide in your video go back farther than the length of the trigger pull? i dont really understand how any of the internal mechanisms work

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Here's an explanation provided by u/sketch_56 on reddit:

If you look at his video at 5:05 you'll be able to see the important bits. From what I've surmised, how it works:

The bottom of barrel piece has a cut (seen at 0:59) that matches the spring-loaded wedge on the slide section not glued on yet. This effectively locks the slide to the barrel/frame until the wedge is tripped down.

The rear plate has grooves that run along it, large enough to fit that spring loaded wedge.

The scene transition at 3:40 shows a sear added to the trigger, which allows the rear plate to be pulled by the trigger and to be unlatched by the front plate (attached to slide) moving over it

Action as thus:

You pull the trigger, the sear on the trigger pulls the rear plate with it

The rear plate eventually slides over the wedge, unlocking the slide from the barrel/frame

The slide is thrown back toward the rear plate due to the tension of the rubber band

The force of the slide allows it to move over the sear, which pushes the sear down and unlocks the rear plate from the trigger.

The slide and rear plate are now free to slide back to initial position thanks to the blue rubber band

At initial position, the wedge on the slide resets and the slide is now locked back with the barrel/frame

Resetting the trigger allows the sear to re-engage with the rear plate due to the extra piece in the front forcing the sear back into initial position (no springs on the sear means that it won't re-engage the rear plate during step 5)

What's that metal piece that you put the screw into at the end of the video on the bottom part of the barrel? How did you put it into the plastic?

It's an M3 x 0.5 16mm Heat-set Threaded Insert. You put it over the hole and then heat it up with a soldering iron and push it down until it's flush. If you scroll down on the front page of this "Thing", there's a "Hand Cannon Full Build Video" at the bottom that shows this installation at 10:30.

If you want to buy the insert without having to buy 100 at a time, there's an Etsy link on the front page as well. I'm selling kits with the rubber bands, screw, insert and even paper clips needed to complete this project.

wow i didnt realize i could scroll down further on the thingiverse page, i just bought 2 kits from you on etsy. one last thing, what size wooden dowel rode are you using? and how long does the rod have to be? i think im just going to print a rod instead of buying a dowel rod.

and also is it possible you could list the pieces to print in black? i have your video paused at the beginning where you show all the pieces laid out but i dont know what all the pieces are called so i have to load each file into cura and try to compare them to the pieces in the video but its kind of hard to tell

thank you for this amazing file

1/4-inch dowells 2x 34mm (Slide) and 2x 30mm (Barrel)

Technically, the only items that "need" to be black are the Forward and Rear Sights, but I also made the Hammer, Trigger, Mag Left, Mag Right, Mag Piston, Mag Spring and Mag Release black because I thought it looked good that way. I also made the Bolt and Bolt Hook black, but at that point, it doesn't really matter. The same goes for the other internal parts that you can't see.

Btw, there's a link to the 3d files on OnShape near the top of the home page for this posting as well. If you load that up, you can select different parts and see what they're called.

What's with the video..... what am I waiting for???

Thanks. It's great. Can't wait to print it.

For the non weapons people here, This is based on a Desert Eagle .50 Cal - Yes, I have used one, Hand cannon is a good name. As one friend puts it, Kills on one end, maims on the other. Recoil is a monster.