Hey! This thing is still a Work in Progress. Files, instructions, and other stuff might change!

1-100 Tanks and Vehicles

by m_bergman Apr 9, 2019
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Do you have access to any other versions of the files (other than .stl), like dumb solids such as .step? I am trying to convert the M3 Stuart model into a functional replica and need a better way than copying every detail over to a new design to create it. Using a .step file, I can easily manipulate the file to have the correct mountings, cutouts, etc.

I always provide parasolid versions (.x_t) in the zip files.
If these are really of no use then please message me with your email address.
I don't include .step because they tend to be 3x the size and my downloads are big enough already.

Yeah, sorry about that...
As soon as I posted the comment, I accidental opened the .x_t file and discovered it was exactly what I needed. Thanks for the help!

Also, I love your designs. The level of detail is fantastic!

will these tanks be able to be scaled down to 1:200?
I know that there is 1:200 packs but they don't have tanks such as the bob semple and multi-turret tanks

i love your designs and you have great skill

for the life of me i cannot find any of the churchhill tanks in the files am I missing something ??

also fantastic work thank you

There are a couple of files in there, Churchill AVRE & Churchill III/IV.

Comments deleted.

Well, I just downloaded it, and both files are there. I don't know what you're doing, but you're doing it wrong.

all sorted it was dumping them someplace other than where i was telling it to put them :)

Am I missing something or do I have to put the two halves of the folding bridge together to get the single-piece bridge?

Tonight is a good night...

Any chance for US m48 and m60?

These are great! Love them! Just a quick question though that I am hoping you can shed some light on for me. On the t-72 turrets, there is a hole for what I can assume is for mounting a MG, any suggestions one what to use for that? Thanks for your time and keep up the AWESOME work!

SImply amazing,

thank you so much

Wow! Just noticed the new vehicles - the dingo, the M-113...
Thank you very much! Your models are absolutely incredible, and many of us owe you a huge debt of gratitude for your work.

So sorry to hear about your dog.


thank you for all your work and your amazing varied vehicals, keep up the great work and yet again many thanks for your superb files

Any chance you could make the Canadian Lynx recce vehicle or the ADATS. They were both based on the m113.

Adats would be a very nice addition to play Team Yankee !!
your models are wonderful in 1:200, please, please, do it !! :)
and if you have some spare time a WG Fuchs is surely missed on Thingiverse !! No one else has a Fuchs !
thank you

I haven't done a SU-14.

Oops... sorry, I must have put all my files in the one folder!


Could you check on the size of the SU-14 models? I know it's big, but the models seem a bit... too big... Looks like 1:72 scale. And since I print your models at 1:150 scale, it's very noticeable!

Do you by any chance have a hetzer in the making?

Suggestion: With June 6, the 75th anniversary of the D-Day landings coming up, would you consider making a Churchill AVRE with the small box bridge?

The release mechanism for the SBG bridge may be a bit delicate, but certainly an AVRE with fascine or even a Bobbin would be lovely. An Ark too.

I think that if the tank, SBG and pivot are three separate pieces, it would be easy to glue them together and then add string/cable for effect.

I can't say how much I love and appreciate this work. It has made my entry into the hobby possible.

REMEMBER don't use a trademarked name in your tags!!

The stupidest part of their DMCA abuse is random anybodies can tag anything for any reason, Thingiverse lets users tag as they choose. I tagged this "M-bergman" to demonstrate. The fact that they allow DMCA abuses based on something out of your control is insane.

Love your work Bergman thank you so much for up loading again.

how do you print them? do you use supports? awesome work! will print a bunch of them hahaha

I've printed dozens of them at 1:150 scale (67%) for 10mm wargaming, and find the best settings in Cura are Tree Supports from the baseplate, 15-20% support. Use of support roof may be advantageous in some cases, but sticks solid in others! I print turrets with standard, not tree, supports, and likewise most wheeled vehicles. I have always rotated to print on their tracks (or turrets horizontal).

Question? Does this file contain a Bishop tank? It is in the description and posted in the pictures above. When I went through the files, I did not see it. This is not meant as a criticism. I am assuming I am doing something silly...Awesome work!

The Bishop is in amongst the Valentine files, along with the Archer

Thank you so much for your work!

Can you make Japanese modern tanks? Like the STB, Type 74, Type 10 and the Type 90?


Unbelievable Thingiverse took all content down on an unsubstantiated claim. I wonder how many other designer’s work was taken down in the great purge! Thanks a million for re-uploading your designs, and continuing to update them, and thank you for mentioning wargaming3d.com it looks like a great site, and will be a great resource for printing miniatures. My Anycubic Photon is going to be very busy.

Im in the process of printing several of your designs a day and just wanted to say thank you so much for your work!

I didn't realise that vehicles created 80 years ago could be the intellectual property of a computer game company...

Absolutely love your work.

They can't, but the 3d meshes created for the game can, and despite the files in this set not containing any of that code, they were tagged with the game name (which I won't mention) so Thingiverse kept the lawyers happy by removing it. They'd have no way to tell one way or another, but there were certainly some files on Thingiverse which stated openly they did contain code from the game.

Thanks for re-posting mate, its a long drive from Auckland to Welly with a USB stick in hand to grab the files if you didnt :P

So glad to see you back up here, Marco, tell us where you might be heading when you do get there.

After 20 hours of uploading, I think it's all back in place. If anything is missing, please let me know.

Oops... missed 2. All now complete.

WOW! ditto for Me what others said. please keep us posted as to were you move to so We can get our fix on your great designs. lots of us were having symptoms of withdrawal from the sudden absence of our fav addiction and depression with all the other stl repositories also shutting down the last year or so.

Thank you for reuploading! I was about to download them one day... Waited, and then the next day they were down... -_-

great YOU are back again!
I very much do like your files, they are a great source for 3D-printing.

Don´t let that *** copany get you down!

Thank YOU and please carry on

Thanks a lot, kind stranger from the internet.

Not all heroes wear capes.

Thank you again Marco, you are the very best.

Thank you again and I have just sent you another little tip. May many other do so too.

Cheers from Southern Canada Marco!
I'm glad you are reposting your personal Intellectual property after that hamfisted attempt by a
certain insecure corporation to control their IP. Your work is something I really enjoy seeing,
every time you post something I get excited to see what it is.
You are an elder statesman of the community so again thank you for all your work!
I have some limitations (someone told me it was a handicap once)
aswell so this sort of thing is a great creative outlet, and its even slightly more
socially acceptable than sitting in the pub all day.
Or running a fermented wash though my still to see what comes out the other end.
I just wish I was as creative and skilled in the design end as you are. I'm still learning and that's the key,
but It's a slow process when a chronic degenerative illness gets in the way.

Thanks again Marco You Rock!


I have every one of your files downloaded, they are what got me into detailed vehicles for printing WW2. I'm so glad to see that you were able to get them back up because this has been the greatest resource for WW2 wargamers. Thanks again Marco for all your hard work over the years. I and many many others appreciate all you have done for the hobby.

Thank you for your patience Marco. I don't know if I would have the mood to post here again after what happened.
But your files were the reason to start with 3d printing for me and a lot of other people, and it's great to see they are available again for the community.

Best regards,

thank you, for reupping your files!!!

I am so confused, so this gigantic company didn't like having their name in the tags??
I don't understand why you had to delete your previous post and even rebuild some models?
Couldn't you just remove the related tags?
Why do you have to rebuild some of the models, none of them had the logo of the company and that game doesn't have a patent on the designs of the tank?
I might have misunderstood their response can anyone help explain?

I didn't have to adjust/rebuild any models. Their entire complaint appears to be related to the tags. Reading the notice, it is obvious that the person who wrote it hasn't got a clue about the difference between ripped vehicles and descriptive tags... they did a thingiverse search, and just concluded that everything that showed up was stolen.
This site prefers to take the stuff down, full stop. It eliminates any legal risk to them. Too bad about 4 years worth of makes and likes...

that is the nature of the DMCA, I am personally waiting to see if I am going to get sued for standing my ground and knowing my rights in a similar case

So happy to see you back!

Sorry that you had to go through this and thank you for taking time to do these models in the first place and finally for reposting them which takes time away from more important things. Once again thank you for your efforts and work.

I haven't played said oligarch's games in some time. Not likely to ever again thanks to this fustercluck - why TV couldn't have just removed the effin tags is beyond me.

Anyway, buddy, it's not much but I just sent through a tip for all of your efforts and a big FU to TV...

Thanks for reposting it! I actually have a product of the company that falsely claimed you wronged them and for that I will not longer be supporting them.

What a bunch of *****.

Thank you for doing this. (Again.)