3-axis electromagnetic coil probe

by switchborg Apr 10, 2019
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Way Cool! Any way to put the output to a LCD screen? Got some Arduino works to do now. I'll check out that github link.

You'll need 2-3 channels of preamp, preferably with a balanced input (instrumentation amplifier?) and then you're good for the signal input. But if you're thinking of doing things like the video demo, you'll need something with a GPU to do it at a reasonable frame rate with good-looking outputs.

The GitHub link is just a mirror, the same files that are here.

Yea, that's not a problem :) I do audio processors. I may already have that in a nice interface. I knew I kept all those junk parts for a reason!

Laser light show thoughts come to mind as well :p After all these years, still haven't saved enough pennies for a decent scope!

"Decent" may not be the right framing. Any old analog scope will do for lots of audio-signal-flavored fun and they're in fact better for visual effect (extreme contrast ratio and "frame rate") than any digital LCD-screen scope, assuming it's not one of the really old ones with, like, a dim two-inch round display.

LOL, yea... I meant CRT style scopes :) I may have an old CRT mini tube lying around. That would really make for a fun project.