Saddle Vibrator

by Jands Apr 11, 2019
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Hi Jands, at first sorry for my bad english. The saddle doesnt work on my printer. The idea ist very good. All Items are perfect, but i cant print the saddle. Do you know why? Greetings from Germany

Do you mean the wooden outside structure?...

Do you have any photos of the internals after wiring? I'm curious about where you positioned the PWMs, etc.

I also wanted to circle back around on the bearing mentioned below, was the model confirmed? I'm assuming that the current part list hasn't been updated?

Hey Queenslander,

  1. I am using M8 bolts between the rotary motor block and mount. Just be careful not to over tighten these too much, its easy to strip the inside out. I let the bolt cut the thread and because of the thickness of the material, slipping shouldn't be a concern.

  2. I don't have a cutout template of the "dome", I just used some existing products on the market and tried find the measurements from google. Ill try to draw up a rough copy and upload it to the thing files here.

  3. The toy plate doesn't need to be flexible, the less flexible the better. Without the toy mount and posts holding it together flat, the 2mm sheet metal I used did tend to bent around a bit, but as soon as I mounted the post and the toy mount, it stiffened up heaps.

What size build plate are you using?

Great, thanks very much! Might need to update the BOM with those bolts too perhaps?

I will try with the thicker aluminium I have then - I think it's about 4mm. I was thinking about cutting out the frame from the same ply sheet as the bottom, not sure how this will go though. I also had made a quick design to hold an 80mm fan and a circuit breaker, but I'm not sure that I'll need them if you don't think they get too hot.

My build plate is approx 150 x 150 x 225 (h).

Hi Queenslander, thanks for the comments.

Apologies for the late reply. I am more than happy to take on ideas for potential improvements.

I'm currently working on the idea of perhaps using a NEMA23 stepper motor for the rotational motor, to make the motor less specific as NEMA 23 motors are everywhere. Also the idea of a NEMA34 for the vibration motor, the idea here is with 32 steps I am able to get a very smooth rotation, but also allows for a 64T pulley, increase speed several times, as there isnt much torque required, but the speed is. The MY6812 motors are a great motor but have a fixed belt pulley that is a nightmare to get off and can damage the motor shaft. any mods I am drawing up will not change the frame at and will be drop in replacements.

It seems I have missed the bearing you have mentioned in the parts list. The bearing I used was from a local bearing supplier, so I am trying to track down the exact model number of the bearing. I'm pretty sure the bearing was the 6002 (32x15x9) you mentioned.

I am in progress of reprinting with PLA+ for added strength, that said, PLA has held up exceptionally well.

Please post photos of your progress or a finished frame if possible, I would love to see others work!


Hi Jands,

Almost there.... just awaiting the belt and a further bearing, then I'll start the build and will post photos. Looking forward to any future ideas you come up with!

A few more questions if I may:

  1. What size bolts are you using for the Rotary Motor Block? The M6 bolts appear to be too small - Or I'm doing it wrong?

  2. Any chance you could provide further details of the timber parts, e.g. sizes / template in order to make the box comfprtable yet big enough for the components?

  3. How flexible does the plate need to be? I have some 2mm alluminium sheet I was going to try ... not sure if this will work?


I'm stuck at the rotary motor part ... is there a bearing or something that is supposed to fit into the "rotarty motor bearing clasp"? I bought the Jaycar motor as suggested. EDIT: I believe there is supposed to be a '6002' bearing in here, which measures 32x15x9mm...?

There's a few other small issues perhaps with this part of the build (which may sort itself out in the final phase of construction) - you've done a great job, these are just suggestions:

The rotary motor clasp looks like it will cover the air ports on the motor, being that one is already covered in the "motor block", it would help for reliability to keep one free perhaps? Perhaps adding another couple of holes for the bolts 10mm or so higher may help with this?

The other issue I personally had was that the "rotary motor block" was difficult to print with the key for the "mount". So I made a slot on the "blobk", the same as the 'mount", and instead printed a piece to sit inside this and lock both parts together. This saved having to use a heap of support material, which my printer doesn't like for big ABS builds anyway.

Have you completed your build and put it to use? Curous to know if there's anything else I need consider - I've printed 95% of the parts so far.

Are you able to upload a photo of the mod you made to the motor mount. Yes the build has been put to use, it works well. The vertical toy attachment I have drawn and uploaded, worked okay but it needs an adjustable height, but it was only an idea, i think some work there is needed.

Seems to be a mesh problem with toy mount AIO - this is easilly fixed in the free Microsoft 3D Builder program.

Would be great to see some photos from inside the completed version if possible?

do you have any videos of it working?