Prusa i3 MK3 Bearing Holders

by VonPitter Apr 12, 2019
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Any thoughts on remixing to use DIN 562 square nuts instead to get some more clearance ? The square nuts and maybe another .5mm recess might get give a bit more breathing room.

Do you think m3x20mm would work to get some more nut bite, or would it protrude too much and hit the frame? Asking before I go and order some m3x18mm

So, I got around to putting this on, M3 x 18mm actually has more nut bite than pictured and has more than complete nut engagement. (ie, all threads of nut engaged, protrudes past nut)

I just got i3 MK3S not long ago. I really dislike the way the Y-Axis bearings are bolted on to the carriage with the thin metal u bolts. Bit surprised they don't have a holder like this already. Why not just use an M3 Nylock nut to tighten these on. I can definitely see these dampening some of the bearing sound so that is a plus as well. Currently waiting for some additional M3 Nylock nuts to remove the standoffs between the heat bed and carriage on the outer screws so I can more accurately level my printing bed. Will print some of these to swap out when I do that before dialing in the bed again.

Edit: I printed these out. Unfortunately the first set I printed popped off the heat bed and I came back to a birds nest of filament. I assumed it was because of a fan I had on in the room I thought maybe the heat bed was having problems keeping warm enough. I tried printing again with the same result albeit a bit later in the print. I would definitely recommend doing a brim. Third print turned out fine with a brim.

Thanks for the feedback.

I am happy that you appreciate them. Did you print them in PLA or PETG? I printed mine in the Prusament Orange PETG, which sticks quite well on my bed without the need to do anything, no brim, no adhesive, no cleaning. As a matter of fact, a bit of fingerprint grease doesn't hurt either with PETG. PLA is a different storey and often requires a bit more attention.

So far I have had no issues, they are as tight as the day I installed them.

I used Amazon Basics Orange PETG. Was 10$ Cheaper although the color is not quite as vibrant as Prusament. I have printed a good chunk of other parts to modify the printer with it and the Y axis clamps were the only one that needed a brim and it was after they were about halfway done. The other parts I printed were all shorter or had more surface contact with the bed, but it might have been due to some horizontal force when it was printing layers next to each other as I occasionally will hear the nozzle squeak from rubbing on the layer next to the layer it was currently extruding. Will keep in mind that Prusament has better adhesion going forward.

I wouldn't know if the Prusa Orange PETG has better adhesion, just that it does stick well to my bed. The issue that you are describing, where the print nozzle essentially knocks the part off the bed, is also something that I have experienced. This issue may be a case of several factors, such as bed levelling, print speed, resolution and possibly something else.

When I printed my bearing holders, I used .15 resolution and the quality profile, which is slower. I also use the 7x7 bed levelling, which theoretically will give me less variance on the bed.