The Microblivion [65mm / Toothpick]

by Dave_C_FPV Apr 14, 2019
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Can we request a 20x20mm version :D Looks awesome!

Hi, great design! I have a sailfly that I want to upgrade the AIO cam on and I'd like to use the TBS Nano Cam combo because it's as close to the original light weight and low power consumption but double the output.
would you be willing to design a canopy for this AIO?


love your designs! I have a microblivion mocked up and hope to finish it soon. On the 16x16 stack frame, what do you think about sinking the section where the mount sits so the esc pads are level with the top of the frame and Keep the ears that mount the crazybee so you can use the canopy with three short standoffs? Or increase the height of the canopy a tad? A lot of design, wish I was better at Fusion360.

Printed one for myself for 0802 motors, looks great!!
Btw, can it be possible to make the 0802's frame with thinner motor mount? I have 1102 motors with the same 3 screws type like 0802. But the motor screws that came with the motors just 3mm long, the holes just about right for 1.3mm diameter screws.

OMG this frame looks amazing! Will my 20x20 stack (I have esc 15A and F4 fc) and 1106 motors fit into?

Thanks! No only 16x16 or 25x25 AIO boards will fit

These frames are strong as hell!!! i literally reccomend this file to everyone that needs a frame or has broken a carbon one. Not only does it fly better than any carbon toothpick version ive flown , i also havent broken any of them yet, great design and thank you , im really enjoying it.

Hey Dave nice design! do you know if I could fit 3" props with a 16x16 stack

Hi MaxxAmps, thanks! Probably yes but I haven't tried it yet

looks more like a hoverbot nano style frame https://hoverbot.io/ . Just fyi its a micro quad not a toothpick quad. We've been building quads just like this for years. The toothpick is not some amazing new thing. It's been around forever. But its a nice looking frame either way so good job

Comments deleted.

any chance of a 0802 variant?

I'll make one in the next couple days

Would absolutely love an 0802 version. Trying to learn how to model myself but it is proving more difficult than I originally thought!

Oh yeah I kind of forgot about the 0802 Version. Shouldn't take long. I'll do it as soon as I have a few spare minutes.

Awesome! Thank you Dave. Printed out the 11XX version and it is great. Have a couple pods for it and all my parts ready to go, just realized after printing the hole pattern wasn't correct for me.

Do you have any idea what the most common hole patterns are for 0802? I never used them...

Let me know if you need any other info and when you end up posting the build. Thanks again! looking forward to trying the frame out

Motor Mount Holes: M1.3 on Dia 6.6mm attached a diagram from the motor I use but I know the mounting pattern is standard for that size

Uploaded the new file. Should fit most 0802 incl. Happymodel. Let me know if it works! :-)

Just uploaded a make. Print was almost perfect no post modification needed! Thanks again! Waiting on a camera but should have it in yhe air tomorrow

This looks great. What material did you use?

PLA that I tempered at 80°C for 45mins. Holds up good enough and it's less of a hassle that more exotic materials

Just so i understand it correctly, you have printed the frame, than baked it at 80°C for 45mins?

Right, simply left it on the hot bed ar 80C and put a little box over it to enclose it. Works great with most PLAs
although there seem to be some that warp more than others.

Bummer, my printer has got no hot bed. But I might take out the printing plate and put the whole lot in the preheated oven, to try it.

Nice advice. What infill % did you use?

You need to use 100%