Star Wars - Sith Holocron

by Azaryia Apr 15, 2019
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I’ve assembled all the components according to your instructions
But once I put your program on, nothing happens!!
the beneficiaries following the Neopixel.mpy and adafruit_lis3dh.mpy are well in the library I don’t understand why it doesn’t work can you help me please?
thank you.


Did you also load a song you wanted, and change the name in the code to match the name of your song?

Also, is the on-board Neopixel flashing in a weird pattern?

Hey, hey, hey, hey,
thank you for your quick reply
I have renamed the . wav files "holo".
My M0 has this version: Adafruit CircuitPython 4.0.0-rc.1 on 2019-04-23; Adafruit Feather M0 Express with samd21g18.
I am sending you images of my M0 file and the modify program.
Thank you for your answers .

Your file hierarchy looks just fine! :)

The issue may be in the version of CircuitPython you are using. You are using 4.0, which is not a stable release (I tried it and had problems too).

The version I used was CircuitPython 3.1.2 which is the most stable release, I recommend trying that! Also, double check and make sure you downloaded the 3.x library bundle!

Let me know!

I can’t measure up to this version!!! When I put this version CircuitPython 3.1.2 my Freez pc I don’t know what to do.

I'm not sure, I'm sorry! This was my first time using CircuitPython, I normally program in C. I'm afraid I won't be much help debugging that problem.

Thank you very much for your help.your program works with versions prior to CircuitPython 3.1.2?

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