Hey! This thing is still a Work in Progress. Files, instructions, and other stuff might change!

Core A8 Slim (Anet A8)

by IIZEROXII Apr 15, 2019
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Beautiful project, congratulations, I will do it! If the linear anet axes are cut, would you give the original anet heatbed and have less volume (X/Y) occupied by the frame?

The size of the frame is determined by the length of the the smooth rods. So if, yes, if you cut them the frame would have to be cut too.

In regards to speed and performance who does this compare to the stock a8, regular core a8, or any other corexy printer? How fast can it reliably print?

A comparison to the anet a8 is mentioned in the oringnal details and the differences between the two is in the description of the slim version details.

Will this Y_Carriage work on the CORE A8 original frame?

No it won't. Rods and belts have been moved. Sorry.

Fame cut sizes to reduce the footprint if just reusing the A8 bed and not upgrading?

The frame size is the smallest it can be. It's the rods that determines the size.

gotcha, thanks

Could you make a version for 20 mm?)

Love the model! I want to build this but keep the original printbed. Is there any chance you could release a cad file of the overall model so I can customize and down size it to fit the bed? much appreciated.

This does fit the original print bed. It uses the Anet A8 Y cattiage.

Will you make a 20mm version?

This design won't work with 20mm because the belts go inside the frame, there is not enough room in 20mm the best I could do would be to make the belts come out the front of the frame.

Nice design, but in Europe it's hard to find Inch tube. Nearest dimention is 25mm, or maybe 30? CAn this design be recalculated to new tubes?

Yes I can do 25mm. That's would still work.

It would be great remodel to 25mm (when? this week :D?) - today I checked much suppliers and no one hear about 25.4mm profile in Poland :D.