Vibration table to clean away corrosion

by localkost Apr 15, 2019
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So.... does it work?

Not sure how it would. Seems that is uses the "vibration" from the fan. But any fan that puts out enough vibration to actually clean something like this would be a crappy fan. Further, putting a container ON TOP of a fan like this is going to destroy the fan in no time. The motor will burn out.

The design makes sense, but buy a cheap vibrator motor. They're designed for exactly this task, will last longer, and put out a LOT more vibration.

EDIT: Oh, lol. I see why it vibrates. Your'e supposed to put a screw or bolt on one of the fins of the fan, which will burn out the fan even quicker. Like I said earlier, buy a cheap vibrator motor. They're designed for this exactly, and probably cheaper.

Before you write anything you need to at least start to conduct computer modeling.
The use of a computer fan as a vibration motor was due to complete silence of work.
I do not know how long this decision will last...
But more than 40 hours he worked without any overheating and signs of wear.