bCNC Pendant

by MartinProchnow Apr 15, 2019
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Is there a specific reason for the USB B breakout board? I don't see why you could not mount the Arduino directly against an outside wall and have access to the micro USB connector directly. Did I miss something?

I don't have trust in the solder connections of the micro USB connector. The USB B connector on the breakout board is a through hole component and mechanically much more stable.

This I can understand (as well as a stronger connector).

Hello, I want to confirm that your bCNC Pendant can be used on MACH3, because I see it is a USB interface. In addition, I want to make a CNC which is your mini CNC. Can you provide its program and list? Thank you.

I cannot tell if the pendant works with MACH3 as I do not use this program.

The pendant acts as a USB keyboard and sends key commands for the arrow keys as well as page-up and page-down. If MACH3 can be controlled via these keys it might work.

The CNC itself is not yet finished. I already published the design files over at GitHub (https://github.com/mprochnow/CNC-Engraver) but it is missing the BoM and the assembly instruction at the moment.

Thank you for your response. Your CNC Engraver is going to use either Arduino UNO R3 or mage2560? I look forward to your CNC's early completion.

It has the terminals A, B, A̅, B̅, Vcc and 0V and it is specified to work with 5V. It looks like mine but in silver.

As far as I can tell it will work.