Truck shifter knob for simulators

by Afmu Apr 23, 2019
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Tank you för your fast response. The Fanatec shifter ist a little bit different to the shifter from Logitech and Thrustmaster.It has a screw like you can find iin real cars on its top of the shifter. I added you a picture to this post where you can see it. The screw has the dimension M12x20mm. I think it will be ok when you can make the hole in 20mm and so deep you plant it. I hope you understand what i mean.
Greetings Michael

Hi Michel,

I was looking for an adapter between thrustmaster and logitech.
Since I couldn't find one I will develop it. I think it's easy and can be very handy for this and other stuff.


This shifter knob is so cool. I love it. Is it possible to make a screw for Fanatec Shifter on the Bottom? Or can you make a bigger hole in it?

Greetings from Germany

Hi Michel,

thanks for your message. I'm planning on modify the design to make it compatible with the Thrustmaster shifter and create a bigger hole for the wires.

Greetings from Spain.

I love this design! I’ve got it printed, have all the buttons and switches, but I can’t fit all the wires through the hole. Is there any way you could alter the design to have a bigger hole for the wires? I can barely feed 3 through, and need 6 :(

Thanks so much!

Hi Onset,

I've already added a V2 version with bigger hole for the wiring.


Hi Onset,

You only need 4 wires, 1 is common for the three switchs, let's call it "ground wire". I think you should use thinner wires, because it's 5V-12V system. I used 0,75mm diameter wires and it fitted well. However I will update the desing with a bigger hole.

What switches did you use?

What is the pushbutton i can't find one that looks like that either? How do you have this all wired in?

It's a 12mm (I think) button I bought in a local seller but I couldn't find it searching in aliexpress.
When I get home (next Monday) I will add a picture of it so you can find another that sets well.

Thanks for this! I'm excited to get this built!

I think you could try with these switches:

Thanks so much!

Here you have the switch I used. I hope it helps.

I'd also like to know. Let me know if you figure it out :)

Sorry but you had to download the model and print it yourself.