Urzan Soldier (Painting Contest Model, 28mm/32mm scale)

by dutchmogul Apr 19, 2019
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Where can I buy all of them?

And we have a winner! ersico: https://www.thingiverse.com/make:649052

We’ll be in touch with the winners (here and on Patreon) regarding their rewards, and we can’t thank you all enough for your contributions. We’ll be sure to post all of them to the print gallery on our site soon.

Urzan Soldier (Painting Contest Model, 28mm/32mm scale)
by ersico

that is amazing!! thanks so much, your creations blow my mind! im new to this size world and im loving everything about it

UPDATE: We're reviewing the entries and will announce the winner tonight!

Where can i get the purple one?

Nowhere yet, but they'll be part of the full range when that's ready for sale.

Will the files be released for free to the general public, or only to patreon and contest winners?

We'll release the odd urzan model for free here, but we'll be selling the range. (Which means our Patreon supporters will get them too, yeah.)

I'm going to try one with a raft and supports, just to be on the safe side, with some Army Green PLA from 3D Solutech. Then I'll get the airbrush going.

Comments deleted.

Oh, yeah. Like the thing says, you'll need support. A raft (or maybe a lily pad) sure wouldn't hurt. Looking forward to seeing what you come up with!

These guys are 28mm scale, but are coming up about 18mm, right? I'm having some weird issues with Cura, just making sure I didn't scale the file or something.

Well, 32mm (nobody really designs 28mm models anymore, it just gets used as shorthand for "the scale I use" because it stuck sometime in the 90s), but yeah, they're short (like halflings).

Oh, no. I totally get the scale/mm in the grand scheme of things. I'm saying that on lots of things, I'm getting about a 15% shrinkage when I slice lately, not just your models. I'm going to blow out and reinstall Cura to see if I get the same thing when I get home from work.

Hah, yeah, I had misread that and tried to edit it before sending, but oops. But yeah, should be 20.9 mm to the top, so it sounds like you're on point.

There goes my hero...

These are so cool! I recently started printing your Clod army, im having a whole campaign with them, i will post them as soon as they are all printed and painted.
I would love to be part of your Kickstarter

Awesome! Post makes!

OK how do I get the full squad of these little guys, I'm a bit confused by your patreon

We haven't released them yet (or even finished designing all of them). We'll be running a Kickstarter campaign, but our Patrons at the $5+ levels get access to everything we sell on our store, so they'll get the files after the Kickstarter wraps too. If you have questions, feel free to shoot us a direct message, but it's all explained on our front page as well (under the "about" section).

Loading this bad boy up in the printer now!

HA! Okay these things are amazing. Supports just popped right off.