Hey! This thing is still a Work in Progress. Files, instructions, and other stuff might change!

1894 Bergmann No.1; (SW, The Mandalorian)

by Straeker Apr 19, 2019
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Could you make the muzzle 1 piece only? Thanks!

I've uploaded the full muzzle! hope it works for you!!

Thanks! I'll try to print it this weekend.

Yes of course, give a chance and I'll do it!! thanks!!

Thanks for all you comments, I've uploaded a wider body and grips, I'll print one my self to check out, let's hope more photos came in to the light soon, specially on the right side.


i post a pic in your new upload found a highres one

Did you compare the size so that he is 1: 1 to Bergman?

Hi Nimrodt, yes! I always do research on the models :) acoordingly with this site the Bergmann size was 280 mm, so I've take that plus the added barrel for the prop.


Of course, sometimes it will vary for some mm. :)


hmm the problem is that the whole thing seems too small for me in the proportions.

I have small hands and in which acts, for example, for me looks the handle min 25% too small, I would now wear gloves and compare the whole with the picture from the series.

Furthermore, for example, Picatinny seems to be a normal standard measure which, for example, in no way fits the rail on the iron sight

and the wall thickness for the Muzzle are also a bit too thin they cause problems when printing

in this Video loocks the body and grip and many otehr parts a way bigger

My bet is, that the grip of the actual screen-used prop was made bigger than 'regular' for being better to handle in glove's for the actor.

i think that the howl gun is 25% to small
exampel the body is now 10mm wide 14-15mm looks more plausible

and in the video is the handel bigger too

you are right with the size. I printed one out of curiosity and overlayed a transparent picture with the production screen.

The overall proportion is right - except the grip wich is most likely completly custom and has a more narrow angle + being more forward.

I scaled both pictures to the gunframe - that the print is too small is visible on the actor's gloved fingers compared to my naked ones. ^^

i think they dont change the basic gripp for the series if you show the video review of the bergmann you can see that it has a longer and wider grib and body for this 8mm gun

over all i think length is ok but wide and high need a + 25%

Unfortunately, one part is missing, namely the left side of the mechanism to pull back the sled

Thanks much for this! Can't wait to show you mine painted :)

Thanks to you!! Yes please, post some pictures!!

Hello, your work is awesome !

Is it possible for you to upload the pistol in one piece ? It would be awesome :)

Thanks a lot

Thanks for your words! I've uploaded the whole version :), but I'm afraid it wouldn't fit a 20 by 20 printer!

Thanks a lot! Don't worry, I have a big printer ;)

Ok. ;) Enjoy your print!! do not forget to share some pictures!!


Thx and yes for sure, I will share pics when it's printed!

not if you print it horizontal with the grip on the bed and the muzzle in Z+ ^^