Stormbreaker - Thor's Axe from Infinity War for smaller printers

by Canahan Apr 20, 2019
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Im fairly new to 3D printing, so I apologize if I sound like a total newb here. When I go to slice the models, my software (cura) is rendering them as totally hollow. It ends up being the walls only with no infill. Any advice on how to remedy this?

Have you set the infill to a percentage >0 ? Set the view to solid? I'm using Cura too but I never had an issue like this :-(

Sucess! It took me far longer than it should have, but I finally decided to revert to the standard settings and that did the trick. I must have accidentally changed something in the settings somewhere that made it do the walls only.

Hi, have a Problem with the Handle...Can you give me the right order to assembel the handle (from Bottom to Top)? I printed Bottom 1+2 then Mid Large 1+2 and then Top1. So Mid and Top didn't fit together...

Sorry - it's a little bit complicated: You have to print two pieces of handle_bottom2.stl. The right order to connect all parts is: handle_bottom1.stl, handle_mid_large1.stl, handle_bottom2.stl and handle_bottom2.stl again but rotated 180 degrees, handle_mid_large2.stl, handle_top2.stl and handle_top1.stl

I'll ad a picture with all parts in the right order...

Didn't work for me. After Bottom1 there has to be Bottom2. This ist the only part that fits perfect.

Ok, i'll try something. Here is my Order: Bottom1+Bottom2, Mid2+Mid1, again Mid2+Mid1 (rotate) and then Top2+Top1.
I Think this Order will fit perfect together.

Okay - I know it worked somehow :-) Post a photo if you finished it !

There it is. It fits perfect together. By the way...printed at 3350%. xD

Cool - hope the whole thing looks great after you finished it!

What do you scale the handle_pin size to be?

Same scale as all other parts (I scaled all about 2500%) but I remember the pins didn't fit well, so perhaps you should try try 2-5% smaller. To be honest I only used one pin - I welded the rest of the parts together with a 3d-pen and some PLA :-)