AM8 Fixed Outside Y-Motor Mount

by 8Atena Apr 20, 2019
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Thanks for the remix! I forgot to update mine with the latest model which I had also fixed. Take a look if you get a chance!

hey, thanks for passing by ! That's a neat update you've posted, but isn't the motor way too elevated now ? I just glanced at it so maybe i'm wrong but it looks like the motor is ~2cm higher (+/- one row of screws) ? I'll get a closer look later anyway, maybe remake it under openscad for that sweet sweet customization :>

You're absolutely right. I forgot that for my printer I had to raise this up. So it's not right for a AM8/AP8 anymore. What was the distance you found? I can mod mine one more time to make sure my model is accurate. I appreciate the work!

Heh, nah it happens, it's kind of a pain to keep track of everything. I don't know about the distance/dimensions tho, like... I'm a code monkey, I import() an .stl, make lots of squares, then add a million translate() to position things and... voilà !
if I import both designs and line them, your V12 motor mount is ~12.67mm higher, but it's worth double-checking.

Answering myself, yup, the motor is way higher than expected (and I'm not even sure the heatbed can home with such a high nema17 mount) so I went ahead and remade the thing as a .scad file (not really parametric but should be enough to make modifications).
Your update is nice tho, I "merged" some of the new changes (smaller base, larger slopes, thinner nema mount (gotta find that stepper dampener again now :^)).
Thanks again for the design :)