Planetary Gearbox 4:1 Stackable

by VegOilGuy Apr 20, 2019
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Nice, simple print. Thanks.

If there was a track between the ring and the carrier for BB's to be used as bearing balls this thing could take some serious weight when used in the vertical position. Especially if you stack quite a few together. Any plans to add anything like that? I was going to try and remix it to add them myself, but didn't have much luck getting a usable model when importing the stl into Sketchup, and Sketchup is the only software I know how to use.

Why is this tagged NSFW? I never would have found it by searching.

Dude, it's "stackable"...and we all know what that means....NSFW

I haven't a clue. I must have accidentally hit the N key or something and the content auto-filled. I'll be perfectly honesty, I had to look up what this meant... but I've removed it now. Thanks for the heads up : )

One of the tags is masturbation aid, I just noticed. Not sure if Thingiverse was hacked, I've been seeing it around Finished printing 2 of these, along with a handle to drive in reverse 1:16 & works great even back driven. Thanks!

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The "adult" tag is now gone. Wonder what's going on on the Thingiverse end? Employee messing with stuff, or hacked from the outside? These tags have been doing this for a while now...I thought it was the creators having a joke...but it's too many times in a row.

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Sorry, meant to reply earlier....
Thanks for spotting that. I don't know where it came from. Very strange. I've deleted everything inappropriate I can see.

Love this! I printed two modules and it works great. Any suggestions for pins to fasten them together?

Many thanks. When I designed this I was thinking in terms of connecting 2 or three... plus I was toying with converting them to aluminium or bronze through lost PLA casting. So I deigned them with 6mm holes. My plan was to use 6mm threaded rod (which is 1/4 inch in old money). It's also possible to get long bolts around 100mm (4 inches) and smaller.
I hope this helps : )

Thanks for posting this. Love your vids.

No worries : )

Just saw your video on this yesterday. Thanks for posting. I'm working on getting a paint can furnace going so that I can cast aluminum! Cheers from Canada.

Excellent. If you need any help or advice, you know where to find me : )