THE BEST Filament Clip

by Lyl3 Apr 20, 2019
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Printed one, tried it and printed 5 more because they work like a charm. IMHO easier to use than trying to fixate the filament on the spool holes (which tends to create annoying "overhangs" when the filament doesn't align with the hole position...), and I think they also bend the filament less. Thanks for the design!
But, as others mentioned, since they are so tiny you need some kind of storage vessel. Printed a small box for them the next day (https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:3151595) but I guess a tiny box would have been better xD

small box

Printed bunch of those but not been working as i expected, mostly because of its name☺ it was also not very practical to put them on. I had to take another design and works fine now

Work great. No need anymore for having different clips for different brands of filament. Makes life easier.

To those who claim they're easier to lose. Sure. But just print a bunch of them and put them in your workbench drawer.Who cares if a few disappear. They cost next to nothing and take no time to print.

Some claim it's not be the best, but it was the best among 4 different clips I tried.

Easy to print. Easy to use.

Thanks for your design! I may use this as intended to hold filament on a spool. However, what I need now is some way to identify small lengths of filament for possible future use. I used to just save on the reels. But, eventually, I had too many reels and it took up too much space. So, I took the remaining filament off the reel and gave the reel to someone for re-purposing, like as an extension cord reel.

Now, I have all of my leftovers in a small plastic box, no need for filament clips. But, I'm starting to use more types of filament. So, which leftover is which type of filament? Clearly, one could just put each leftover in a plastic bag and write on the bag. Or, just use a different plastic box for each type. Or, other solutions.

So, I'm thinking that a clip like yours is a good solution to my problem. Just use a felt tip pen to mark on the side of the clip, like "ABS", "PLA". There's no need for a lot of data as all of the printer settings are stored in my slicer. Thanks to those like you who share these designs. You save others time and/or give them ideas!

I love how the now-abolished Canadian penny is being used for scale. At least they're good for something now, right?

Haha, yeah. But actually they're good for something waaay better. :)

Penny Weight Fidget Spinners

Penny Weight Fidget Spinners
by Lyl3

Very nice, simple design, works well.

Gotta say that I'm very happy with your design. Just loaded up about 40 of them on a bunch of different types of filament and they are doing just what you said. Thank you!

I, for one, appreciate what you have done here. Thank you.

Not clipping to the spool is a feature? I would say clipping to the spool is a huge feature for a clip. Other wise you got to find somewhere to put the clip while using the spool and try to not lose it. Ones on the spool just stay in place and are there when you need them again.

Not clipping to the spool makes it compatible with all spools, so yes that is a feature. I've only ever used the kind that clip to the filament and have never had an issue, but if you're worried about losing the clip, you could clip it to a small piece of filament or onto another spool of filament if that's handy. If that doesn't work then I guess this would not be the best filament clip for you.

Not the BEST... just one of many.

That's possible. Could you please link some that are better.

Since you ask, I like the one I designed myself over a year ago: https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:2817985
It uses about the same amount of filament (0.15m) and prints in a couple of minutes. If you want to you could cut it in half and it would still work, then it's only 0.075m... It is very tolerant of different filaments and printers and never slips. But your design is absolutely also nice, that's what's great about this place (and others), by freely sharing we all learn!

Filament clip
by motoz

This is also an excellent design. I updated the summary to link to your clip.

Also, kudos to you for including the FreeCAD source. I've done the same for my one and only FreeCAD design.

Thanks! I tried your clip and I don't have any complaints so I returned the favor and linked here in my summary. I would probably just have used this one if it were available I (and I had found it) back then...

Of course i could do that. But i ask me why? You pretended to have designed the BEST Filament clip... So get along with the comments.
By the way... I printed yours and they are far away from the ones i owned before... Far away from being the BEST!!! Have a great day... BEST man!

Nah I just printed a bunch of these and tried them out, definitely the best around. Nothing's gonna ever keep them down.

I honestly would like to find a better one if this one is not the best. I asked you nicely for some links since you claimed there were better ones. Since you provided none, I guess you're just looking for attention. Have a nice day.

I bet I can design one even better.
Will share after I design it eventually.

Thank you Lyl3, if anything you are too modest, these are very wonderful indeed.