Hey! This thing is still a Work in Progress. Files, instructions, and other stuff might change!

Warhammer Fortress of Sacrifice Dice Tower

by jimsbeanz Apr 20, 2019
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Hi - what a great piece of work! Thank you so much for all of the work that has obviously gone into this thing. I'm almost thru printing and have hit a snag with the "FoS_tower_front" file. When I slice it in Simplify3D, the angled edges (wings? with the round dimples all the way down) that mate up to the left and right sides and run the length of the tower, are not solidly connected to the rest of the tower like the left and right sides are. They're barely attached and don't connect at all for about the bottom 1/3 of the length. Screen shot should help explain. Any chance you are working on an update to this file?

Definitely the biggest thing I ever printed at over 100 hours and 3/4 of a spool of PLA, but it has turned out great so far. Ender 3 Pro, Sliced with Cura at standard quality. Printed the sides tilted back 30 degree with line supports, 10% infill, wall line count of 2. Printed the base upside down as suggested with supports, it took 45 hours but turned out great.

I'll post a build once I get it assembled and painted.

Thanks for the design, my son loves it.

How did you print the sides.. it wants supports all over it if it print it straight up.. Cant lay it on its back with that lip either.

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I saw this for sale on alibaba.

do you have a link to the site selling it?

I cant find it right now. It was on Aliexpress for 50-75$. I thought I had bookmarked it, but cant find the link right now.

This is not worth it, SOOO many issues with this stl. Almost done with it and not gonna finish cause the end product isnt worth it.

And the choice of printer the base upside down is stupid since it fucks up whats visible.

Its sad really cause it looks freaking awesome :/

I think the file for the base may have some issues (possibly just messed up when stored with thingiverse?) I cannot get it to slice nicely with Slic3r. I get gaps at several layers (see attached image). Are you using Slic3r?

I recommend using cura to generate gcode.

I just finished on my CR10. I found a lot of areas where parts are not connected and either detach with supports or are not coonected to anything. This was mostly with the base. If it was not a 80+ hour print I would have tried again. I cut model up trying to print a coulple areas again but it needed more modeling then I was looking to do for it.

Don't get me wrong it is a wonderful piece and looks like it took a ton of work. I think thicking up some attachments to the base (back logo and lights and panels on front and back) are only tweaks.

Beutiful designs Sir. but I can't help but notice your Battle Nuns have disapeared from your list. They were excellant models, what happened?

Any chance of a file of the tower in one piece?
I'd love to print one out for m,y Epic 40k army

As an addition I just finished printing the base, and I believe there's some faulty geometry. The left and right sides (guys in robes) panels are all away from the wall. There's small gaps everywhere causing what should just be emerging from the wall to be freestanding. Did this occur on your print? I'm doing it on a prusa mk3, so slicing with slic3r PE.

a little late in replying but you can print the base upside down without supports, and the little holes on the bottom were for a bigger base that i scrapped.

As for the robed guys not lining up it should still print just fine I just got lazy and didn't line them up exactly.

Looks great, just curious on the design choices with the base. You say to print it upside down to reduce some support requirement, but the inside is hollow with overhangs internally and because of the artwork on the outside, supports everywhere must be chosen. So it means support ends up inside.

Why not just fill in underneath, have it one whole piece, doesn't need a ton of infill anyway, so you're probably still saving on filament by eliminating all of those supports.

Also what are the circles underneath for? I get the puzzle piece slots are for the courtyard/dice blocker, but not what the circles are for.

Again it looks great, I'm just learning about modelling, so asking questions to try and understand.

This is absolutely beautiful.

This looks great. Regarding printing, I sent the files off to a local 3D printer shop for a printing quote and received the following response...

"This is highly detailed artwork requiring supports and I don't think that FDM printing will do it justice. If you can afford it I would recommend SLS which is a powder based process that doesn't require supports. My associates at XXXX can do this for you..."

I contacted XXXX and received a quote saying this project would cost me $2300. That's not a typo.

It sounds like I could just purchase your exact Anycubic I3 Mega for several hundred dollars and print my own for less than the service would charge me.

Since I'm completely new to this process..

1) What does it mean to "reduce supports?" I've seen you say that a few times in the comments
2) For this to look like what you showed us on Reddit, how much material (and what type of material) did you actually use?
3) How plug and play is this process? If I purchase your identical printer on Amazon...Do I need a program for my brand new printer or am I able to just upload the files and tell it to go?

Thanks again...your work is so amazing it could be the driving force behind me purchasing a printer.

You might want to check out some videos on YouTube on how 3d printing process works as the process isn't plug & play. The one i showed on reddit was printed on a FDM printer with PLA plastic, material costs was about $10-$15 worth of material but it took a total of 100 hours to print the whole thing.

HI, so new at this 3d printing stuff and looking for advice on how to print this on the makerbot 5th gen. According to makebot print it looks like Its going to need about an entire spool ($50) feels like a lot IMHO.
Any advice on lowering material use and upping the rez ? Can i get a way with having no wasteful rafts ?

It depends on what software you are using to slice the model for printing. I use Cura to slice and to reduce the amount of spool used I print with less infill(10-18%), only 2 lines of wall thickness. Try printing the large base upside down to reduce supports

would you be able to outline how you printed this? i'm trying to figure it out without having to use a ton of supports. for reference i've also got an i3 mega that i'll be using for this print.

I'd recommend laying the tower pieces down flat to reduce supports and printing the basement piece upside down

what did you print this on?

Printed on an Anycubic i3 Mega at 0.1mm layer height

Might i suggest making the catch plate flat so theres no worry of the dice Catching a cocked angle? Looks like it could be an issue with that plate.

Awesome! Is there a not dice tower version to use as terrain?

no need to, you can just remove or don't print the collection piece at the front

This is a monumentally awesome job! Thanks for sharing!