The Mandalorian Helmet

by TheBrokenNerd83 Apr 21, 2019
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Any chance The maker of the file will create other components of the armor? Like hand plates and rifle?

Is there a way someone can post the stl files with the dome separate? I keep failing on the print, twice halfway through the face and twice as it gets over the face of the helmet and gets into the dome area. I am using PETG on a geeetech A30.

So I printed another one of these, this time in PETG. The print actually failed and had a lot of issues but I was able to salvage it and make use of it. I also printed a 3rd which I haven’t decided what I’m going to do with it yet.

Just to check, anyone printed without support?

I printed with supports around the rim of the helmet and thats it none in the middle it turned out great, just stringing occured

hola buenas , alguien que lo tenga imprimido podría poner las dimensiones del casco para saber si tengo que dimensionar ?

I love this! What material would you use for the visor?

I used a welding mask replacement lenses. No. 5 shade. Found on Amazon.

Sorry if this has been asked but what size head is this for?


Based on my print the file as is will fit a smaller head. It is very snug on my head and is a tight squeeze to get on. I'm 6'2" and 245 lbs. For me Im going to have to print at about 105-110% for it to fit. Just keep in mind that the helmets design is intended for it to be a tighter fit than the traditional Mandalorian helmets.

Absolutely love the look of this helmet. Any chance of an stl that has the dome separate for easier printing time?

Separating the dome is very easi with Meshmixer.

Absolutely incredible work! How do I find the right size for my head?

I'm in the process of finishing this helmet. I'm just curious would it be possible to separate the top brim on the helmet as a separate piece? The issue I'm having is while sanding etc./ smoothing I'm losing detail on the top brim.

What is the size of this print? Im trying to figure out if I need to split it up or if it will fit on my cr-10s (300x300x400).

The file as is will fit on the bed, I printed on my pro. However, the helmet runs small. If you have a bigger head like I do, you'll want to up the size a bit. You can still fit it on the CR10 bed at about 105% but you'll have to turn it corner to corner. Go any bigger than that and you'll need to slice it.

I haven’t tried printing it yet, but when getting the file ready, astroprint says it will fit on the bed! Conveniently I bought the CR10 just for the helmet sized bed hahaha

The man the myth the legend! Back at it again!

Awesome job as always! Thanks for providing this!

Possible to have it divided in parts for small prints?

I split it up in Meshmixer and am going to print from those.

Thanks! I've tried to split it up, didn't knew that program!

Wish I could print it real size, but my printer isn't big enough.
Is there a chance of this coming in more parts at a later date?

could also split is in 3d builder. the windows built in 3d program

Just run it through Mesh Mixer and split it up in the sizes you need it in.

Nice job, man! I'm sure this will get a lot of makes!