Hey! This thing is still a Work in Progress. Files, instructions, and other stuff might change!

Creality Ender 5 e3D V6 Bondtech BMG Direct Drive Modular Mount (should work on Ender 3 and CR10)

by drewshipley Apr 22, 2019
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hello! could you upload the step files! im trying to get some measurements right and would love to remix!

Someone have the S3D profile for this Directdrive extender setup and want to share it?

Can you please measure how much more clearance does the direct drive with this bracket need above the printer? The reason I am asking is that my printing cabinet is somewhat small, and I am not sure there is enough clearance to fit the printer in it with this mod.

Tested on cr-10, the motor hits the z gantry unless you position the motor forward hanging over the hotend. Will most likely remove. Sad

Are you using the stock motor?

How come none of the designers on here are using the Bondtech's built-in E3D V6 mount? Seems silly to design a 3d Printed version when the Bondtech has one built in.

On Creality printers the distance from the underside of the BMG/stepper motor to the v6's nozzle is shorter than the height of the carriage the assembly mounts to. So in order to have the nozzle sit below the carriage you have two mounting options...

  1. Mount the v6 in the BMG with the stepper motor to the right or left side. This creates a very wide hot end / carriage assembly and mounts the nozzle forward at least 1/2 of the width of the BMG body. This results in less space to mount other items (bed leveling probe mounts, fan ducting, etc.) and can cause clearance issues that could reduce the amount of X/Y build space.

  2. Mount the BMG so the stepper motor is just above the carriage with a short filament path to the v6. This creates a narrower hot end / carriage assembly and allows the nozzle to sit as close as possible to the carriage. This provides more space to mount additional items and reduces the potential impact on X/Y build space.

thanks for your work. do you have a link for the bltouch mount?

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All of the probe mounts / fan ducts can be found here - https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:2494642

CR-10 Heavy Duty customisable modular e3D V6 mount Volcano 5015 ABL
by chito

So I've run and tested this on my CR10S the only issue I've had so far is with mounting any kind of cooling to the pancake motor. So I am designing a fan that will wrap around the top end, but for easier use, if there was a way to turn the Bondtech on the side when mounted then simple fins could be planted on the back of the motor as a heat sink. But moving it directly to the side poses it's own problems as well mainly being that the stepper sits on top of my secondary fan as I have dual fans. Aside from that, it's been great, the motor hasn't given out or anything I just am concerned about the heat. A way to hold the Bondtech fixed so it doesn't rotate might be good though too, just a small wall or tab to keep it from moving around once mounted.

I can confirm that this works well on a CR10S. I love that it builds onto the heavy-duty mount, meaning I could reuse parts I'd already printed.

Did you turn an ender into a Core XY?

Yes, the ender 5 :D

I see I wasn't aware they made an ender 5 looks nice I'll have to get one.

So Simple and brilliant use of the modular mount system adding those two parts to create a shroud without all the fuss.

What print orientation would you recommend?

I've printed it both horizontally (front facing upwards) and vertically (top facing upwards). Both require supports and have trade offs. I'd probably recommend vertically with supports and a brim to help with bed adhesion / stability. You should only need supports touching the build plate.