LABO VR Headset - Drop-in Style

by lstr0fsmg Apr 24, 2019
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Where do i get the lenses?

you can buy a third-party labo vr kit off of aliexpress.com for about 5$ it comes with lenses and straps for your head.

hope that helps

It uses the lenses that come with the base LABO kit, hope that helps!

Haha, that eliminates the entire reason to print your own to save the cash from even buying the labo xD Unless i can find someone who broke theirs and just selling the lenses :P

The point isn't to allow people to use LABO content for free, it's to give them the option of a sturdier headset which supports straps unlike the cardboard kit. If you wish to do that you're free to modify the headset to allow for the use of Google cardboard lenses. It should be relatively easy to alter.

Ah yeah, then it makes sense for the sturdyness and handsgree experience. I can't picture myself playing BOTW with my hands constantly up in my face :P

Also i wonder, will you also model the other parts of the labo VR? Or was it only to make a proper HMD for it with labo parts?

Possibly some of them, some of the simpler ones have already been done by others and the more complex ones are markedly more complex so it depends on how much time I have and demand. Worth noting that the toy-cons aren't compatible with this version, there's an alternate slide-in version that I also made on thingiverse which retains toy-con compatibility.

Looks like a problem with the lefthand piece - I think the screw thread is backwards, so it won't screw on no matter what I do.

Yes, my bad - uploaded an old prototype whereby the threads were mirrored. Corrected file uploaded. You can also just reprint a nut and mirror it in your slicer if you don't want to print the whole lock again.

I would also suggest flipping the small piece of the labo headset file upside down so that you build big end to small instead of small to large. Our at least have all parts in separate files.

It's small end to large so that you get a better finish on the visible parts of the piece, I prioritised neat finish over filament use. I'll likely split the parts into separate files so that people can print in their preferred orientation when I get the chance, t'was always the intention the combined files are a holdover from the prototyping.