Universal Smart Phone Car Vent Mount

by ROBO3D Jun 9, 2014
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Not sure how this works for anyone. The arms just slide freely in and out of the main body. I put m3 screws in the back of the arms and a rubberband to hold the phone in there. Poor design. Go for the remix

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Arms are wayyyyy too loose... there is almost a whole mm gap around the outside.

This worked well for LG V2. Note: if your car sits in the sun, the unit will warp. I remove mine every time I park. Great design.

Yup, same as a lot of folks here, the arms are way to loose to stay put and hold phone. I was skeptical of that when looking over the views but figured they would be snug so that friction would hold them still but no. So..not sure if I should just print new arms with bigger sliders or maybe try the tape, or some form of spring between the two arms..

Will not fit the LG Stylo 2. I would have to scale it up a lot for it to fit.
Tested on another phone and it fits.

Are the side grabber things supposed to just stay in? They go in very easily for me so as a result they just fall out making this useless without glue. Is it supposed to be a 1 phone mount? like you pick a phone, glue it, and then you're done?

Ah Robo3D has a Thingiverse account! I wanted one of your guy's printers like last year and emailed about it and never got a response so I bought a different printer thinking you guys weren't solid printer designers. I should have known to just comment on Thingiverse.

Thx for the fast response... the clip is now the perfect height but it is also wide. Sorry I didnt mention that earlier. Also the side slots are loose. but I wrap some tape around it to make it snug. Can you make one where the back clip is half as wide? It currently now fits in between the vents but the slots inside the vents wont let it clip on. thx again

Ah putting tape on it might work, at least temporarily. Mine falls out of my vent too easily, I don't get how the prongs are supposed to grab the vent slits if they are quite loose and have slopes on the back of them for easy removal. Was this even tested before it was published? It looks cool in concept and I want this thing to work so I don't have to print the phone guy holder (looks like a smiley person) to hold my phone but I really don't think this is functional in it's current state unfortunately.

Smaller vent clip mount is available now. Thanks tcat for the feedback!

hi... i luv the design of this... but can you make one with a clip that is half as wide? it wont fit into my vent.

ofcourse! Adding a new file now!