iPhone Cable Protector Update

by techman126 Apr 27, 2019
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Tolerance is too tight on the top slot to insert a stock lightning cable. Tried trimming it out, but it's still to tight to fit in without forcing and risking damage to the cable housing. Can you widen that top slot some?

I’m not sure what you mean by top slot. Could you possibly send a picture? I’m more than happy to modify if needed but I’m not sure which part to make larger.

The top slot where you feed the cord in. I've tried prying it, and sanding/filing to open up the path more. But there's no way it's going in there without damaging the cord. I did test the plug size and it is sufficient since it can slide in the from the front. But it's too tight to get the cord in the top.

Ah I see what you mean now. I designed this with flexible filament in mind so I just popped it in. I can make that opening wider but it may not hold the cable in place as desired.

Got my Amazon basics tpu in today. Lots of printer adjustments working with tpu for the first time. But had a successful print with it. Thanks for the design!

That makes more sense. I didn't even think about using flexible filament. The tail still flexes pretty nicely with PLA. What kind of flexible filament did you use?

I used Solutech See Through Green Flexible Filament for the one pictured. I've also printed this in clear Yoyi TPU. Both came out pretty well. I've actually never tried printing in PLA because I was afraid the sharp corners would damage the cable in different areas.