Jumper T16 Internal Charger Mod

by Igull Apr 26, 2019
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I'm having a really hard time with these 2s balance boards. I bought 4 of them just like the ones you picture but I have a really hard time getting them to output power. Is there some trick? I'm pulling my hair out.

To get my boards to work, you have to either momentarily short from the P- to the B- pad after your batteries are connected, or apply a charging voltage to the P+ and P- pads.

Like most Chinesium hardware, there is no documentation. Luckily, the seller gave instruction on their Amazon advertisement.

No tricks involved :-)
However, of the 4 that I bought, 2 were dud - in my experience, it seems to be the norm for crappy little things that come out of China.
It goes without saying that you do have to ensure that they are wired correctly and that the batteries aren't some ancient ones out of your grandad's old vape :-)))
FWIW, here's the info on the one I used from ebay UK back in May 2019 ...

1S 2S 3S 4S Cell PCB BMS 18650 Protection Board Li-ion Lithium Battery
SKU: Pcs: 4, Model: 2CELL 2S 7.2V 7.4V 8.4V 2-2.5A / 37x6x3mm
Item ID: 173021933829

I like this mod but I think I'm going to bypass the battery protection for draining and only use it for charging, I would rather kill batteries than lose a quad. :-)

Hello this is an excellent solution! I was very tempted to look into doing this myself since my Jumper came in yesterday.

Would you mind posting links to the parts you used? Would probably be easier for everyone wanting to do the mod.

All the parts are essentially generic electronic parts, giving links is not a lot of use if they are all from the UK and you're (say) in New Zealand :-)
The other issue with links for this type of thing is that the links die as the sellers stop selling. Just use the text for the part and look up your local fleaBay - the charger output plugs will vary - just use a matching connector. The 2S Li-Ion protection boards are easily available worldwide as are the XH connectors used on practically all 2S LiPos.

Very nice and detailed upgrade to the T16.
Should've been already in the factory transmitter by default in my opinion - it's a great improvement to the existing concept.

Some people might be shy to implement this mod because they dont like to make irreversible changes to their transmitter (like the hole for the jack).

Maybe one could make a version where the 3D-printed-part replaces the original batterycover itself aswell.
The Jack would be located in the new cover aswell - the original cover could be stored in the shelf without taking damage :)

I posted a build where I used an audio jack as a charge port and was able to get it to fit on the charge cover. I slid this build as far "north" in the battery hole as I could, and if you angle the jack a bit, you can get the cover to slide up.

As far as the audio jack handling the charge current, I measured 700Mah down to 300Mah off my bench supply while charging the 2S 18650's at 9V. None of the components got got. However, as they say on the Inter-tubes: YMMV.

Yes, this was my first consideration - I wanted to implement the charger connector on the sled - just a hole required in the battery cover then. Unfortunately, there's actually not that much room and it was just as easy to drill a hole in the tx base where it works better. As for being irreversible, well I'm sure a plastic grommet would cover the hole :-) As for the warranty - considering the price, I doubt there's one anyway :-))