MTG Life Tracker (low profile)

by Tekcor17 May 4, 2019
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I printed and assembled it, but the numbers were to tight. When 9 of the numbers were in it was fine, but 10 caused it to bind. To me it seems like they need a bit more play in the dials. Any suggestions? Either way its a super cool idea!

The tolerances between parts on this model is important and was carefully set up. If the parts are printed to large they will not fit together correctly (it sound like this may be the issue you are having). There are two ways you can fix this, First is to sand the edges of the numbers with sand paper until you can get all of them to fit and still have a little bit of play. The second option is to calibrate you printer for dimensional accuracy by adjusting your print settings. How to do this varies to much between slicers and printers for me to give you step by step instructions (you will need to look how to do this for whatever slicer your using). You also need a calibration test of a known size (I made and use this one https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:3550881) lastly you need a pair of calipers. Then print the test block, measure the sizes of it, compare that to the nominal, adjust your print setting to compensate, and repeat until you can't get it any closer.

Dimensional Calibration Block

Thanks for responding and the help. If I may can I ask how tight you modeled the tolerances to be around the circumference?

There is .8mm of clearance for the number to move around the ends of the life tracker, but there is only .5mm on the top and bottom. This means that MMC of .1mm for the numbers and the tracker body and the part will still function.

Are the numbers able to printed in a flat orientation? I'm curious to know if you can do a filament swap (M600 in Marlin) for a separate color for the raised numbers.

There is a concave indentation on the back side of the numbers. This feature is required in order for them to travel around the curved part on the ends of the life tracker. If you want to print the numbers flat in order to do a filament swap you could, BUT you would need to add supports to the small gap under the number and would most likely need to sand that surface so they still travel smoothly. I have never tried this myself but if you get it to work i would love to see it.

Hey looks like a really cool model, can't wait to print this out! :)