rc plane Dart-1

by Arlenn_ Apr 27, 2019
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I would love to see video of this flying... anyone have video of this?

I'd like to start by saying this design looks incredible! My only experience with a canard style plane before this was a foam model I put togeather. The way that canards allow the plane to track can make for a very fun flite experience. I'm excited to print this out, working from the nose backwards using white ABS on an enclosed creality CR-10, .4mm nozzel, 3 walls (1.2mm), .15mm layer thickness, 3% infill set to two line thickness using Cura's Gyroid infill (My favorite infill be far). The only problem I se potentially right now is the motor choice. Worried the one you have might be limited on power.

Thank you! The 2306 motor can produce 1700g equivalent of thrust, so the thrust to weight ratio is not a problem.

Yes - but please note this motor 2306 is rated for this power & thrust short-term. If you operate the motor continuously with this power it will just burn. The racing quads have completely different flight envelope/characteristic than airplane motor. The max thrust/power consumption is only during acceleration/maneuvers. And the race typically lasts 60 - 90 seconds...

I have purchased a 2216 KV 2400 motor and are waiting for your new design.

After running the simulation, the rigidity of this plane is already strong enough to do 120km/h flight. No need to do additional change. Good luck to you.

If possible, please set up two 10mm round holes in the three-section connection of the fuselage, and connect them together with a 10mm tube.

why you do that? This will add unnecessary weight on the plane. Use superglue to glue them together is already pretty strong.

In order to meet the strength of high-speed flight, the fuselage and wing connection must be strengthened.

Because I want to use your plane to try a flight speed of 120km/h, I am a bit worried that the super glue can't meet the strength of the aircraft and disintegrate. Adding two 10mm round tubes to add up to 30g, I can accept, I hope you can increase this design.

Sure, I can definitely do that. It's just some simple changes and I believe 100g more is not a problem for this airframe. I am currently not at home. I will make a remix when I am home and I will message you later. Good luck for high speed, btw, I would suggest you use an additional wood plate to mount the motor. Plastic will not handle the heat generated by the high power motor.

Thank you for your selfless spirit.

Well, to be clear, I am not selfless. The only reason I set this for free is that this design is easy for me. I would be really appreciated if you tip me.

I just supported $5 for you.

Comments deleted.

Hey bud i pulled down the zip file and it looks like there is only one wing, should there be a lt and rt side? also what is your paypal email i would like to give you a tip for making this and i dont want to do it thru here

Hey, I'm so glad you love this design. There is only one wing because you can simply mirror it inside the slicing software. If you need the other half. I am willing to provide the files.
I have sent you my email address through the private message.
Thank you very much!

Hi, love this design exactly what I would design if I could lol. Cross between a Drak, zohd dart xl, and a Sci fi star fighter. I will print this in clear PETG with 2% infill and advise on my CG and specs of equipment after successful flight, then I will add FPV equipment. I have much scratch build and fixed wing experience, so it should not be a problem. Thanks for the gcode files. What is the servo for in the battery bay, do the canards move for pitch ? I tried to tip designer or buy you a coffee and could not, please set this up :)

Thank you very much for your generous words. There is no front servo bay because adding it could result in potential printing difficulties. That means you can glue your servo anywhere you find comfortable. The front servo is used to move the canards and the canards move for pitch. For the maiden, I would recommend using a mix on the radio to use both canards and elevons to control pitch axis. Be aware that the pitch axis can be twitchy. Sorry for no additional information since I still haven't flown it yet.

Yo, this kind of style is my favorite among all fixed-wing airplanes. Thank you for loving it! Enjoy! :)

No problem, thank you for making this :) and thanks for advice on mixing canards. I will maiden on 4s with 7in prop using frsky S6R w auto level enabled, this helps with hand launching planes with unfamiliar CG until I gain altitude and can disable and trim.....saved me a few times. Then I plan to add matek f411 wing FC on inav and spedix 35a esc and run 2508 1750kv on 5 and 6s. Do you have any idea what the approximate CG mark should be ? And please set up your coffee tip links ;)

Based on a paper published by NASA, I calculated the rough CG should be around the line drawn on the picture. Good luck!
I will set up the tip link later. :)

Ok thanks much, will advise.

Hello ! What filament would you use to print it ? TPU, PLA, what brand ?

PLA. Any brand you like. I believe there is not much difference