608 bearing (parametric, roller)

by motoz Apr 28, 2019
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Very nice. Just finished assembling the "tight" version. Unreal smooth. I've had metal bearings with worse clearances!

Props to a very unique and well thought out design!

Nice design...
...why is it tagged NSFW?

I noticed the other day that every single item in BOW collections are tagged as NSFW. No idea why, it doesn't seem to happen outside of these collections

Edit: I have notified Thingiverse about this pattern

Yeah, that looks to be the case. Maybe it was meant to add a 'bow' tag or something.

Ha! Perhaps, it is meant as a warning to not use a printed bearing in load conditions?

Wow, absolutely no idea. First I thought maybe someone 'reported' it to be funny or something, but it really looks like I tagged it myself as I could remove the tag. But yeah Joshua_M, it's probably not safe for "work" conditions in that regard... :-)

Looks like some automatic filter going wild. I clicked the NSFW tag, and there are LOTS of very much safe for work stuff tagged NSFW, like for instance this https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:3566678 (Anti-Backlash Compound Planetary Gearhead )

Anti-Backlash Compound Planetary Gearhead
by LoboCNC

Ultra coool design!
Maybe they have programmed the filter to detect holes, bolts and curvy or round things :-)