Press Fit Pulley Extractor / Remover

by Jake_of_all_Trades Apr 28, 2019
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I'm guessing that my Ender 3 has updated pulleys or something because no matter what, it would not budge. I printed 2 with 6 and 8 walls 100 infill (PLA+) made sure it was centered perfectly and tried for a few hours loosing and tightening with various sized M5 bolts to no avail. Finally, heated it the pulley up to about 450 degrees and grabbed a pair of pliers and gave'r all, shattered both with this method (patience only lasts so long :D).

I think this design is fantastic for certain versions of the stepper motor pulley's, and it is really strong, but no way will it work for mine.

I'm going to try now just to cut the pulley's off with a dremel since I've read elsewhere it's glued or something.
Too bad they don't use this glue on the stuff around my house that breaks all the time :)

Didn't worked for me unfortunately, 100% infill and shattered on 2 pieces.

I found out that problem was in pulley , it were not even possible to remove it with metal extractor :/ I had to cut it , luckily everything went well and now I have silent ender 3 <3

Yeah, by the looks of your pic that was a very clean shatter. If you're willing to give it another try, maybe use a different kind of filament? Not sure if it matters, but I had Fill Pattern set to "Rectilinear" and Top/Bottom Fill Pattern set to "Archimedean Chords". There are plenty of others who have made it work, so look at what you can tweak with your setup to make it better. Also, this may go without saying, but make sure you're right on the money lining your screw up with shaft.

Has anyone tried pulling the pulley off part way, enough to accommodate the damper installation? Does it get too loose when pulled off that much? Just wondering, I can get new pulleys if I have to. But I expect to print and use this once I get my dampers.

Just got my dampers today and picking up the bolt and nut tomorrow. I watched a Youtube vid a while ago and the dude pulled the pulley off about half and ran it that way and seems to be fine. I'm trying that way first and if it sucks I'll order some new pulleys with set screws.

This worked great, thanks!

Works fine but be carefull with the pressure, don't overdo it, do it slow and in steppen, thighten it, loose, thighten it, loose etc.
It will come off.
Ready for your dempers.
New pulleys will fit perfectly.

Can you provide the link to Amazon for the pully head, please? Thanks!

I tried it on my Ender3 Pro with press fit pulleys and it is not working. It seems like the press fit is too hard. We would probably need some more robust metal tools.

What we’re your general settings like infill, etc? Make sure to tighten down the screw slowly and don’t go too fast. You could also try heating up the pulley head before attempting to extract. Multiple users on Reddit have reported success so hoping you can get it to work!

I finally got it ! It seems like I was very close to succeed first time. I just added some lubricant to the bolt and that's it ! Thanks a lot !

Awesome! So cool you got it to work. Great idea with the oil.