Alien Flying Saucer (USB)

by fastkite Apr 28, 2019
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I made one, and I love it. ( will post it here soon)
there were MANY difficulties in putting it all together.
it was a PAIN to melt in those stupid tiny knurled things when you could have just designed the screw holes INTO THE DESIGN.
I am going to remix this is the near future with many improvements.
As a warning to anyone looking to make this, it is a great looking design.
but it is CRAZZZZZZZZZY to make.

I'm sorry you had that much trouble. Was it difficult to locate the holes, or did you find it difficult to install the knurls? Did you have a screw to hold onto when melting them in place as shown in the instructions? I sometimes use vice grips instead of a pin vice if I don't have one handy. Mine go in very easily, I have been using this method of assembling my things for years. I used to use plastic tapped screw holes, but they tended to wear out when assembling and disassembling the parts as it common when designing them. I also had problems where the screw heads would wear out when the plastic threads where too tight. This would sometimes make it very difficult to remove the screws from the plastic. I have also used a fine tip soldering iron in the middle of the knurl before, but that lead to some challenges when pulling the iron out it sometimes pulled out the knurl.

You are more than welcome to re-design the thing using plastic screws. I hope that works better for you.

Here is a video showing how I install the brass knurls. It is very simple, easy and reliable.


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Nice disign. I think about, using wireless charging instead of cable. It would make the illusion more realistic.

You could fairly easily modify this thing to be powered by a LiPo battery and charger/boost such as this from Adafruit.

They also have a 500mA version which should be plenty of power.

Yes you are right. sound much easier then wireles charging.

Oh, I didn't think of doing wireless inductive charging. Sorry, I misunderstood your question. You could try using something like this. I have never used one myself, but I believe it would work.