Mini Jet Engine Model (1/2 Scale)

by AnDuong Apr 30, 2019
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Hi An, I managed to mod the casng and shaft lengths in Meshmixer
I’ll have a go at printing.

Hi An, I would love to print the mini jet engine, but my i3 mega can only print to 205mm max. The engine casing is 207mm high. Any chance you could tweak it to be 200mm high? I have converted the STL into a STEP using Freecad, but now the model has a billion faces, and the file size is around 1.5gb.
Any help would be appreciated.

Hi Rigger999,
Apologies for the delayed response. Don't know why but I no longer receive email notifications whenever someone comment on my post on Thingiverse and I don't check this site everyday.
I've read the conversation between you and mariusbach below and it seems that you have found a solution for it?

Hi An, yes, I squeezed the casing and the shaft, down in length, but kept the bearing seats the same.
Printing a 0.075 layer height. Looking good so far.

Wow! I bet your finish will look absolutely incredible at that layer height!
I printed the whole model at 0.2mm layer height (except the Nose Cone at 0.1mm) and it already looks stunning!
Do share some photos with me when you finish! :))
Also, just to let you know that I’ll release an update for this model shortly, you can take a look in advance via this video here: https://www.linkedin.com/feed/update/urn:li:activity:6535552166244032512
Don’t worry, you won’t need to print the casing again. The only one part that is slightly different is the Fan Shaft

I have the I3 mega, and it can print larger than 205! The bed actually is 220x220, if you don't print a skirt/brim then you can use it fully. The printing height should be 210mm; you might want to look for a cable guide to attach under the top frame to guide the cables out of the way when moving that high. To gain a few mm, you can also pull the bed further down and adjust the z-endstops, but don't over-tension the screws and springs.

I was going from the i3 spec if 210x210x205. I took the head up as far as it would go before pinching the connector plug on the front crossbar. Then measured the distance from the bed to the nozzle. Measured 205. I modified the model anyway, and am 2.5 days into the print.

ok! probably the bed can go lower, it's just the 2mm! good luck!

Hi Mariusbach, I went for modding the length of the casing, as not to risk rubbing the cables up top. Printing it on end, so the height was the only concern. I modded the casing stl in an area that would still look ok, even though it is now a touch shorter. I’ll post it when finished.

Thanks for the suggestion above mariusbach :)