Hey! This thing is still a Work in Progress. Files, instructions, and other stuff might change!

RWBY Adam's katana - Wilt and Blush - WIP

by TheoCominotto May 1, 2019
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hey... I was wondering... (I'm a middle school unofficial cosplayer) do you have the printing time available? This looks like a great design, and I would love to print it, but my dad and I are having wars over who gets to use the printer next. (Heh) And secondly, our printer's 1x1x1, what's you size? (I'm just trying to figure this out, It'd be fun to create Adam.)

I'm glad you like the model! It's hard to say, I printed this a while ago. I think the blade segments take 2 to 3 hours each. If you print several blade segments at the same time they'll actually take longer to print because the printer has to switch between both segments all the time. The hilt takes longer. Keep in mind that the hilt isn't print ready, it still needs to be split into pieces.

My printer is an Ender 3, so my build platform is 235x235x200 mm or something. If I'm not mistaken the blade segments are only 180mm long though.

Let me know if you have more questions!

Thank you! that should be it, I can't wait to print this!

Have fun! And let me know how it went/ if you have questions. Good luck with claiming the printer, luckily my dad doesn't know how to operate mine (although he wish he could).

Just made this for my daughter, she loves it but any chance you do still have the "blush"? :)
loving your work!

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Thanks for the nice comment! I'm delighted to hear your daughter likes it :D

I just added the Blush stl file, I totally forgot to add it when posting this. It's not instantly print ready however, I did make models of some segmented pieces of the Blush with holes for dowels. I'll upload those as soon as I'm home, which is in a few days (do remind me if you need them and i forgot). I'm not sure whether or not I prepared the entire hilt for printing but I'll see.

If you manage to find a way to modify the blush to print it anyways, let me know . Simply printing in segments without connection holes and just gluing instead might work.

Good luck!

I've uploaded a make for you too (even though I've not finished the filler etc).
had a "printer misshap" on the hilt and ended up having to reprint a part and glue it on upside down - I'm not the RWBY fan ;)

I will do the same for the new stuff too

Thanks for uploading it, it looks great! I like the colours a lot. I'm looking forward to the next pics :)

There will sadly be no more images of the print. once I had shared the image I took for you guys, the daughter painted it black and red and promptly took it out and broke the sword into multiple pieces. many hours lost, so she can do without now.

your design and the print itself was great though and once stuck and filled, the sword was great (unless swung about by a 12 year old).

I wasn't able to print the hilt as I had trouble splitting the model up. I did manage it to a degree and the hilt began printing but then she came home with a broken sword and that's that.

thank you again for your help, support and advice though.

upshot: sword prints and goes together brilliantly! good work!!

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useful info: the hole in the hilt is the same diameter as the sword. there didn't seem to be any clearance built in to the STL. I'd recommend that once you chop up the hilt STL and fill the resulting holes in your chopped parts STLs, you try to find a way to expand the hole in each piece to be slightly bigger than your sword blade.
the concern is that depending on the paint you use on your sword, the sword will either not fit or scrape the paint off.

cheers and good luck :)

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Thanks for the advice! I manually scaled the parts down here and there to account for this, since I didn't know the required clearance beforehand, but I'll change it in the model too.

I'm sorry to hear that your daughter's sword broke. As you said yourself, I didn't make this prop 12-year-old-proof...

Thanks for the nice comments anyways!