SC8UU RJMP-01-08 & RJ4JP-01-08 Bearing Clamp

by 3Displacement May 2, 2019
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Hi! I searched on your designs for the belt holder behind the carriage and never found it.
Can you help me please?

Hi.. ZhrusBd.. you can find it here.. https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:2427494

Anet A8 x axis belt holder
by zumili

Hi. Could you please name the screw/nut-dimensions intended to be used for this design?

I printed these and there was about 2mm space between the bearing and clamp. Should they be that loose?

Hi pswiatek.. this bearing clamp is for RJMP-01-08 (16mm outer diameter) not RJ4JP-01-08 (15mmm outer diameter). I will make one for RJ4JP-01-08 later. Thanks..

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Doh, thats what I get for not paying attention .. Thanks. I do indeed have RJ4JP-01-08

I am please to inform you that I have uploaded the RJ4JP-01-08 (15mm diameter) version. :)