Multipurpose D&D Dice Container

by ZeusAndHisBeard May 3, 2019
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So, I've tried every setting I can and I constantly see this small layer discrepancy in the top piece, where it looks like there's a small section of the top piece where it is a few tenths of a millimeters lower than the rest of the model. Is this only me, or is this actually an tiny issue with the model itself?

I've encountered that a couple of times too, and I agree with why tenths of a millimeter lower idea. When using different layer heights, some end up splitting this incline, thus resulting in that ridge. I've gotten around it by slicing off a very small amount from the bottom, which then moves this slight incline to one layer. Otherwise if you're unable to slice it (I don't think you can in Cura), increasing the size of the lid by small percentages can also resolve it. A final, less ideal, option would be to change the layer height.

Sorry for the bug, but I hope you can get around it!

I've been trying to mimic your paint. Can you give me a link/description on how you did it?

Sure thing! It's just dry brushed (check out some Youtube tutorials if you've never heard of it). I prime the base black, and then dry brush up with 4 shades of gray going from dark to light. Then I hit it with a wash (nuln oil), and dry brush one final coat with the lightest shade of gray I used. When it's dry, I hit it with a coat of sealant so that the paint job doesn't wear away.

Far as I can tell, print with dark grey filament, coat with a black primer, then take something like a sanding sponge and very gently sand off some of the black paint.

It also looks like you glued in felt?

Thank you for posting a really cool design. I really liked the print, but was wondering if there were a version with just the solid bottom (full height cavity, instead of two separate compartments)

Can you make a mini storage sized section with screw threads on both ends to allow for stacking multiple miniature storage areas in one tower.

edit: i tried it, it came out pretty good https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:3702298

Expansion Miniature Sections for Multipurpose D&D Dice container
by gr3yh47

i wonder if you could make it also function as a dice tower by modifying the main section a bit

Just wanted to pop in and say that this is one my favorite prints from Thingiverse! Such a great design, with plenty of functionality for casual gaming! Thanks for the files!

Threads too tight?

Try this fix: Take a teaspoon or so of fine grain sand and put it in the threads as you work the top/bottom. Keep turning the base every few twists so that the sand works all the different spots that are interfering. 5 minutes of this and my threads work perfect.

I love this design for the cup especially with a top and bottom piece, so I'm going to watch the progress of this project if there is more.
I'm excited to make these as gifts if I can find a reliable way to get them going quickly.
I third the thread issues, these are WAY too tight, even after doing a thorough sanding job, this is really far too tight.

Yea, i keep checking back for an updated version to fix the tight threads, or hoping for a remix that fixes this. It's basically unusable right now. I cut my hand, and then the threads broke off. it shouldn't be that hard to fix... :(

I agree. My hands hurt...

Has anyone printed the new top piece and can confirm it is not the right size? Mine just finished printing and it is too large. The bottom of the tower can sit in the top of it.

Edit: It looks like the files got updated from v3.0 while I was printing.

Hi there. Yes the files were updated on May 5th. Sorry about the mixup

Is it possible to just order this? I don't have a printer, but this design is terrific.

Do want.

i can print you one. shoot me a message at gamehat.games at gmail dot com

Try shapeways or 3dhubs.

I increased the lid 1.5% and decreased the base the same for a perfect fit

This is a nice design but count me in with the group of people having issues with the threads. My hands are raw from trying to work the top and bottom and I don't know if I made any progress. I've printed lots of containers with screw tops, this is the first that has given me trouble.

I'm a 3D noob and love your project. On here you have Resolution: .2mm
Are you using Prusa Slic3r?
If so, how would I go about changing the resolution on my prints?
What tab is this under....?
Also what size nozzle are you using?
Does nozzle make a difference....? Thanks.

Hey Thanks!
I'll give you some tips, but that's kind of a lot to unpack for one comment. I'd strongly recommend watching some of the youtube videos Prusa puts out, they do an adequate job of quickly explaining a few of their features. I'd start maybe with a basic one to get a feel for the Slic3r PE interface, and then learn about specialized supports. Then just start clicking around the menu items and hover over the selections to learn what the settings are and what you can configure. Once you've done that:

I used the Prusa created profile titled ".20mm Speed" with a .4mm nozzle. I altered the filament temperatures to be what my brand recommended since Slic3r PE assumes you are using Prusament Filament. I supported it using the "From Build Plate Only" selection, unchecked the "Don't Support Bridges", box, and unchecked "Autogenerate Supports". Then, I loaded in cylinder 40mm high and 30mm across onto the center of the body and the lid, and typed it as a "Support Enforcer". However, if you've got your printer dialed in really well, I've seen some users post makes of this model using no supports.

Good luck!

Thank you so much.

So I printed this out before the edit was made, and was tad disappointed that it didn't hold a beer can, however on the plus side it fits a bottle of beer very nicely and I drink bottles more than cans. So its a win for me.

Great job! Was able to knock it out with no supports! Was a little sketchy though, so will likely fiddle with you file a little and try again. Threads were spot on though!! Screwed together perfectly no issues! Thank you for sharing, and thanks for the added “coaster” benefit lol

What printer and filament do you have? Would love to try and figure out how your threads work without any issues.

I've got a Monoprice Maker Select Plus that I've done a bit of modding on. I used a few different filament brands, but best result from ZYLTech PLA. The trick for me was to use 2 walls, 10% infill, and 5 top/bottom layers. Typically, threads a a b***h to deal with, but these worked friggin' perfect. If all else fails, SLOOOOOOW down your printer. Best of luck!

Thanks for adding these tips! I hope it helps out the people having issues with the threads.

Thanks, I'll try it! Did you print this multiple times?

I did, but I already gave away the others lol - actually going to print another one tonight though. I threw up a pic on my remix (https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:3615209) of one printed in crappy MakerGeeks filament (plugged my printer but was able to power through it haha) - that company is thankfully gone now. I use ZYLTech for mostly everything. Give my remix's body section a shot at printing, was able to print it this way without any supports :) Again, great job, ZeusAndHisBeard - thanks for sharing!

Multipurpose D&D Dice Container - Aligned

I tried your settings and this time I printed the combined file with all 3 parts. Oddly, the lid printed with some of the bottom layers as solid! The other half were the supports. That was fun trying to get off. But when all said and done (13 hrs later) the top and bottom still don't screw on. Oh well.

Comments deleted.

yea, i printed this yesterday too, and find it pretty impossible to get the pieces to screw together without breaking it. :( but i did print the files that have been updated.. might give it another shot later.

If its the last half of the thread, just give it quite a few twists to wear down the pieces and it will fit very nicely. I too had this problem

I like the design of this but I printed this today and the pieces didn't go together well. That's about as tight as I could get it without cutting my hands on the sharp edges on top piece or pinching my fingers trying to get the bottom piece in. EDIT I was able to just play with the top piece a bit moving it back and forth and I guess I got it past what was making it stuck. The top seems to go on better now but still having issues with bottom piece.

I noticed the separate files were more recently updated since I started printing several hours ago. I think later I'll reprint the bottom and top and resize them slightly. Make top 1-2% bigger and bottom smaller.

Yeah, depending on the filament and resolution, it can be quite a battle initially getting the threading to go together, but at .2mm on a .4mm nozzle, some rapid back and forth twisting should "wear" them into place. It's annoying, but it's the trade-off for having a part that lasts longer instead of wearing down immediately.
The file re-upload is actually unrelated to the threading, and more about the overall size. I know it's not ideal, but I'd recommend printing off the master/combined file. I just now finished a print of that, and the parts screwed on quite easily, however I have encountered exactly what you are describing with some of my prints. In some extreme cases, a file and some sandpaper have helped me. Sorry for the trouble, but I hope you get it to work!

The one I printed was the combined file. I started printing it just before noon yesterday and posted my comment shortly after I got it printed and off the bed.

Sorry you're having bad luck with it. I hope you're able to get it to work! For posterity, here are some makes I did in the last 24 hours using all the files I've uploaded.

The green on the left was from the incorrectly scaled original separate files, the middle is the updated separate files, and the right is the original combined file. I was able to screw the gold prints together, no problem. The green one, because it's smaller, a lower quality PLA, and because I printed it at .3mm with a .6mm nozzle, took some work to get on, but after some intentional TLC, was also able to screw on despite the smaller size and larger resolution.

I've printed two now, using .2mm, 10% infil on ender 3 and neither screw in they get stuck. Anything you can suggest to fix this?

Files and sandpaper. It appears that the ender 3 isn't able to print the overhangs on the threading accurately without supports. Note that I'm using a different printer, and the settings I have listed are for my printer. If I were you, I would experiment with supports, and know that cleanup will take a while to get the threads right. Maybe try re-orienting the model in a way that you know is good for your printer. As I prototyped this, I had this exact same threading issue described by many people, but it was never anything I couldn't overcome by just being patient with it, sanding it down, and working the threads (moving back and forth rapidly). I haven't had this issue for my last several prints of this model, so depending on your printer and your filament, you might just have to work at it.

So after running tests, if you print the tower part at x and y 98% the lid fits perfect