Carlz Johnny 5 Missing Parts + Will Keep Adding As Needed

by carl74 May 4, 2019
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Hey carl, I am building the upper inner arm, the ''top plate rear'' is missing and not correct.
any chance you can upload it?


hia jamesssb
don't no how I didn't see that lol all fixed for you pal, anymore probs just let me know mate, you will have to send me some pics when you done... be kewl to see how your build come out :)

Hi buddy,
thanks for that, however I'm sure the part is incorrect as it is way to large to fit? the top_plate_rear-1 and the lower_plate_front-1.stl are the same part buddy. also have you any idea on how too control the hand and wrist yet? I can send you pictures from my phone of my current assembly's


hia james well we got there in the end mate hehehe fixed now lol …..Lower Plate (Front)-1.stl
yep be kewl to see your current assemblys you will have to post some when ya have time on my gourp
er no mate not had much time to work on the johnny 5 stuff at the mo but will get round to it :)

Thanks Carl, I will try send some pictures, all I have at the moment is a working iris and head and the left arm with hand.

sweet build james,
you done well there pal looking like you took your time in printing the the parts as well... not like me at the time lol and made my job a lot harder with filling and sanding.
did you use that working iris ive seen on thingiverse.
say is that a Mazda Wankel engine your working on... that looks kewl :)

hay no probz mate.... say... are you interested in the johnny 5 hands, was thinking off doing them at some point in time lol

sorry for the late reply, i'm always happy to receive parts, I've just seen the rest of the files you have posted and you are killing it with the parts, keep them coming when you have the time.

hehehe im on a roll now pal :)