Anycubic Chiron V6 + Volcano (or stock) dual 5015 fan, With changeable blower attachments.

by ZManMaker May 5, 2019
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When I import these into Cura 4.0, these get autoscaled up to 100000%.

Would you know why or would you know what they should be scaled to?


I will look tonight and see what the scaling is set to in my slicer, I designed in Fusion360 and then I use S3D with not scaling needed, maybe it's different when using in Cura but I haven't use that program.

In Fusion I do everything in inches and S3D converts it to mm when I upload it that may be why?

Getting the same thing with Slic3r.

If it was drawn in dimensions in inches, then it'd need to be scaled up by 25.4 to have it read as mm (Cura's default import units; not sure if that can be changed (it probably can be) ).

After playing some with TinkerCAD and Cura earlier this morning, it would seem to empirically agree with that. I had grow it by ~25 (2500%) to get it close, visually.

In the S3D slicer it scales to 2540.00% so I believe it's the same in Cura. I will add a note in the description to do so.