Captain America Shield Endgame

by DamaskProps May 7, 2019
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Hey DP! I noticed some people here saying they had problems with the files being hollow and wanting it split into separate pieces so they could print a full shield. I have remixed the file to fit those standards and was wondering if you could let people post remixes on this one file. Just asking and thanks for the great files!

I tried to separate the shield into several parts and while doing so discovered that the shield is hollow and I can not figure out how to make it solid. Is there any way you could release a solid version or comment some advice on how to make the shield solid? I could try to revolve a disk inside the shield but doing so would more than likely screw up the back side of it.
I tried to make it solid in Meshmixer, but had trouble and don't know where to begin in Fusion 360. Any help would be much appreciated!

I'll take a look at the model and see if I can fix the model, thanks for pointing this out!

Hey I absolutely adore this design. Could you split it so that I can fit it on my 200 cm by 200 cm printer? I would definitely post a make if you did! Thank you!

Where would you recommend to get this printed?

Hi Damask I know you might be busy on perfecting the endgame props. but could you help me split this shield into 4 parts and maybe support structure? I am gonna make this full size and posted it later. thank you

Ill see what I can do

I've divided it into 4 parts, does this really need support?

Great design, do you have a sliced up version that could fit on a cr10?

what do you guys think of endgame, i thought it was over the top with the last action scene and thanos went from an amazing villain in infinity war to a completely lame jerk. (in my opinion)

I definitely prefer infinity war

You have to remember in Endgame he was 9 years younger - In Infinity War he was wiser and had learned a lot from collecting the stones.

I uploaded this to Tinkercad and the file was only half the shield. This design is so amazing!

Pretty accurate if you ask me, you're work is so amazing. Dare I say?? I love it 3000