Stevenson Screen for Solar Weather Station V2

by cyclemadkiwi May 8, 2019
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I am having the darnedest time printing this out. Am I right that I should flip the object over in the slicer 180 degrees?

You must place the parts as you see fit. Some of the pictures above do show them in the wrong orientation to print.
Just use common sense to orientate each part.

About half way through printing, will post pictures when complete

Look forward to it! :-)

Got it assembled, fits really well. I do wonder how the bottom plate is kept in place, there are no threads or anything on that. Or is that held in place by gravity ;-)

I just noticed that there is a little bit of the threaded rod visible below the bottom plate, probably just screw on some M6 nuts ;-)

Correction. M5 nuts work beautifully!

Do I have to print every part (and the middle ring 9 times)? Or is the "Stevenson_Screen_Screen_Top_Cover_for_Solar_Panel" and "Stevenson_Screen_Top_Cover" a choice and print one of them?

And can you measure the whole housing? I'm very curious what the dimensions are when it is finished.

The unit is approx 180mm High from top (Excluding Antenna) to the bottom of the holder/Wall mount and 130mm x 147mm length and width

You must print the middle ring 9 times, Yes. and the top cover for solar panel and the top cover. The top of the screen is a 2 part cover, the top most part has the solar panel mounted to it ("Stevenson_Screen_Screen_Top_Cover_for_Solar_Panel"), The "Stevenson_Screen_Top_Cover" sits under it and is a sealed layer to stop any water from getting to the electronics and allows only the wires of the solar panel to pass through.

The exploded view made it very clear, thanks.

Ok, I have loaded the M6 PLA Rod.
You will need 0.1 layers. Best option is to find a local supplier for M6 Nylon rod and cut to required length.

My one is working really well, here is my Thinkspeak data feed


Can you please upload the M6 rod in STL, I'm not able to do anything with the SolidWorks files on GrabCad unfortunately.

Thanks very much! :-)


I should me able to print it without issues, have done that before.

Hello, marvellous design. Only thing I seemed to be missing are the 4 support cylinders/shafts keeping the structure in one piece.
Am I missing something ?

Deploying this in multiple locations in Thailand.

Hey that's awesome. I have put the missing part in there now, see my comment above.
Glad you like it, and loved Thailand when I was there a few years back :-)

I'm wondering this as well. Also what screws are you using for securing the base?

I think I have the file on GrabCad if you want to go have a look there.

Yes I did miss this out, I'll re-load the part. It is just and M6 Rod with a flat on it that sticks to the print bed. However, unless you have a really good printer with at least 0.1mm layers the thread will not quite work! You can get M6 Nylon threaded bar from most engineering shops.
To keep it all together, M6 Stainless steel nuts.

Thanks! Do you happen to know what the thread pitch is?

In the Top Cover, it is designed in and is M6x1mm pitch
This prints out pretty well on my printer...just had to run a tap up it to clean the sharp corners. Worked great.

Hi mate, I'm down in Welly, thanks for this design, just waiting on an Ender 5 to arrive to build this as Stevenson shield for my station. It will have a fan added and just the I2C sensors inside. Station is a WeatherDuino @ 41south.net.nz