Koss Porta Pro Headphone Holder for Oculus Rift S

by Jerware May 8, 2019
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I printed this version, however the left arm doesn't align up with my left ear. The right arm is great, but not the left.

What can I do? I tried removing the cable clip for the Rift S, but it seems to damage the strap if I remove it, so I want to leave it in place.

I would need to bring the left arm towards the front of the headset by like, 1cm or 2.

I ended up removing the cable clip on the rift s. Don't know if it was a good idea, but the mount now fits.

Yeah, it's designed to replace the cable clip -- that's why it includes a cable holder. Why do you think that might damage the strap?

Removing the cable clip revealed some sort of strands of glue, that I unstuck. There is also a notch on the headband, which led me to believe this was not meant to be removed. But I'll still use your model.

Any plans on adding arms that fold for this version? I saw some others on thingiverse, but I trust your craftmanship

No, I'm afraid I'm done with the design for now. I trust others more than myself anyway! :)

Which version has the least tension? I have tried all of them, however I cannot get any of them to fit without snapping (even at 100% infill). Any suggestions? Are you able to provide some looser variants? Thanks so much!

The tension is only applied across a small ~1mm area in the center of the channel. Are you having trouble pushing the arm into the bracket at all, or are you hitting tension half way through? The t15 has the least tension.

Thanks for the reply! I'm having trouble pushing the arm into the bracket, that's it. I'll try again with the t15, in the meanwhile, do you think heating the bracket with a hairdryer may help to soften the plastic? That's all I can think of at the moment.

(Thanks so much once again for providing the files!)

Are you having trouble pushing the arm into the bracket at all, or are you hitting tension half way through?

Hey Jeremy, do you have the STEP files for these? The holes for the arms are really tight, and I cant seem to fit them in without lots of force ive tried the different tolerances .I'm looking to make the cavities larger.

I designed it in 123Design and have never exported a STEP file before, but here you go!

Thanks! Ill check it out

Prints well, and as for complaints about scratching the strap, I just put some thin foam on the inside of the clip and this avoids the issue. Thanks Jeremy

Thanks Jeremy, just ordered a set of these using 3Dhubs. Keep up the great VR work.

No announcement of Index coming to Japan yet and I want to wait until I move to a bigger place at the end of the year before bothering with setting up Lighthouses. Looking forward to this jump from Rift to Rift S!

Don't print it. The holder is not good. The only thing it does, it damages your strap with scratches. Wait for better ones.

Do you mean it doesn't hold the arms? Did you print all of them for testing? As for scratching your strap, that's a bummer and I didn't experience that.. how do you think the design could be changed to avoid it?

Just wanted to shout out thanks for designing this! Ordered some Koss Porta Pros in anticipation for when my rift s arrives on the 23rd. Next big challenge is making more room to use it!

I came up with a version for the Quest. It's designed to rotate backwards off your ear for storage.

Koss PortaPro adapter for Oculus Quest
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When I print it, should I upscale the model or is it the right scale already

Prints at the correct scale for me using Slic3r Prusa Edition.

What units did you use to make this model? Inches, mm, or cm?

Thanks Jeremy! Did you print this using PLA? How durable do you think your design is? I haven't tried printing it myself yet.

Yes, PLA worked fine for me however you might have better luck with PETG or ABS which are both a little more flexible.

Great model, I pre ordered the rift s, and I'm planning to play a lot of shooter games, how is the controller tracking in shooters when you are aiming?

I've never done this before - and afraid i screwed up. I clicked "order this printed" and the website worked, I didn't mess with settings on infil or thickness (17% and >.2mm were default). Also, there was no option to "print without supports" via this service, so I wasn't sure what that meant? Will this order be ok or should I have a higher infil and layer thickness?

Thanks Jermey

I'm afraid I've never used their service. Hope it works out for you!

It didn't work!! Received and parts didn't fit without sanding the arms...plus each arm broke when I tried to insert the headphones into them. I've ordered a new set with 100% infil which should increase strength; original order was 17% which was probably too brittle. I was able to get one headphone to socket in right after a light blast from a heat gun to melt the plastic a bit. Although this has me all interested in getting into 3D printing, which I've long eyed as a fun sounding hobby that might lead to other opened doors. Not sure how much more I'll waste money on paying for another guy to print when 3d printers are inexpensive these days. I agree that the arms would probably be better in a more flexible plastic.

For these types of parts, the number of shells (wall thickness) is more important than infill. If I was printing these for myself, on my printer, I would go with .2mm layer height, 5 shells, (2.5mm walls assuming 0.5mm line width), 4 or 5 top/bottom layers and 50% infill. Not sure how that maps to the options you have when ordering on-line.

I'm printing these now for someone on Treatstock using these settings and they seem to work well. I really only test-fit the t25 parts. There were some errors with the stls for the bracketLeft parts that I had to repair with Netfabb.

I like you suggestion.

I'm a printer with the Treatstock platform, you can had instruction or contact the printer via the Treastock website.. Worst case scenario, it can be added as additional service..

Thanks Jeremy!

Now I just need to modify this for easy clip-on to the Quest's flexible strap. :)

I created a remix with ready to print plates for t20, t25, and t30. https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:3616488

Would you be willing to share the step files? I would love to make a hinged version?

Koss Porta Pro Headphone Holder for Oculus Rift S (Remix)

Here's a quick approximate model of the Quest strap based on caliper measurements. See what you can do, if it's useful.

Thanks for the head start! I have no idea how stiff the strap is, but I have given it a try. If you get chance, here is my first test clip for the Quest with the start of a hinge on it.

It fits over the strap section STL you shared fairly well. (See image attached.)

I have now made a first past on one for the Quest that actually has hinges. I have only seen it on screen so far, so we will see what tomorrow holds.

Here is an image of my first attempt at the Quest clip.

Here's what I came up with for the quest. It requires using TPU for the socket of a ball and socket joint and a little bit of CA glue. I'm gonna test fit it as soon as my Quest arrives next week!


Koss PortaPro adapter for Oculus Quest

That looks great! I plan on making a mount for the quest as well but I was thinking of a design where the phones swing back rather than out. I'm gonna rough out a model tonight and I'll post it here as well. I'm planning on designing the bracket slightly small for the strap and print it out of semiflex so that it's really snug but still removable. The posts I'm planning on using PETG.

That's beautiful! Do both axes tighten with a printable screw?

Yes! But at 6mm you really need a metal screw and nut to clean the threads first. (I bought a $15 tap and die set from Harbor Freight to chase the threads after they print.)

Just how flexible is the strap? Am going to need to wrap around it more?

Attached is my latest version.

do you have a model of the rift S strap, if so can you please share it

I do not have a model of the S strap.

In case you missed it, Jeremy included an STL of a section of the Quest strap in his comment above. An estimate based on measurements.

I know, but I asked for the measurements of the Rift S

LOL.. sorry about that. I have Quest on the brain!

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