Dell Latitude 5580 USB-C Dock Anchor

by s0nn46a13 May 8, 2019
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How are these attached to the laptop?

I've got a Dell Latitude 5480, and this part mostly works, but the USB C port is about 2 mm closer to the hinge and the power supply jack is about 10 mm closer to the corner. I'm still able to use the part for stress relief on the cable end, but it doesn't fit as nicely as on the listed models and you can't lock it in with the power supply jack without a minor remix.

Today, our branch office in VA received the ones I mailed them, then sent pictures and measurements for the adjustment. I’ll try and get a 5480/5490 bracket uploaded before the weekend’s over.

I like the concept. We’ve been struggling with this issue on both USB-C and thunderbolt Dell docks. If you are having an issue with a touchy connector, first make sure all drivers are up to date. Dell Command Update 3.0 is a great tool for doing this. Next be sure to call Dell support. They should cover motherboard replacement under warranty. The connector on both the laptop and the dock can break easily and many are defective tolerances from the factory. Replacement motherboard almost always fixes it if the laptop is at fault.

The cable is stiff and easily snagged on things and puts too much stress on the port usually.

This print will help reduce stress on the port if you’re worried about it happening again.