Hey! This thing is still a Work in Progress. Files, instructions, and other stuff might change!

Tilt-Shift Adapter for Canon EOS Cameras

by QuantumConcepts Nov 30, 2012
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What lenses to you recommend for use with this adapter?

I really don't know (or if it works at all) ... maybe a prime lens?

The lens side is just a little bit too small to fit an EF-S lens.

V2 does not fit with EW-83H.
The lens cannot be inserted fully.

it doesnt work with ef lens

it doesn t fit canon Ef !!

It may need some filing!

Great idea! I printed the V2 model that you have posted and have some fitment issues with my camera. I'm going to try a bit of filing and trimming to get it to connect and I'll let you know how it shoots.
Using this with an EOS 350D with the 18-55 lens.
I think the problem is that the circles on each end have too few segments, and so are coming out quite blocky. You might try increasing the number of segments in each circle if you remodel it at all.

Thanks for the comment. Yeah, I should have made the circles with more facets, Maybe version 3!

Great idea! It was a bit tight, but after some filing with a knife it fit.

Here’s what happens:

The infinity turns into about 50cm. So if you cannot focus your lens past infinity, you will not be able to focus on anything farther away than 50cm. This calculation is for a 50mm lens. So you get a tilt macro lens.

The difference in focusing plane on a cropped sensor (between the left most focusing point and the right most) is about 7cm (again for a 50mm lens focused at infinity).

If someone improves on this model:
Make the round pieces smoother.
The piece that attaches to the lens can be longer (current distance between the edge to which the lens is attached and the ribs is 1.5mm, and the measured distance on the camera is 3.2mm)

Thanks for the comment & details!

printed it does not work the distance from the rear lens element is to far away from the sensor.

Thanks for trying it! This is a work in progress, I wasn't sure if the distance was correct or not - and I'm not sure how to properly calculate what the distance should be! What camera model and lens did you try it with?

Nice! Would like to see a Nikon version of it! i would design it myself, but I have no idea how to replicat the twist bionet in a 3d model acuartly...or are there any 3d models of Nikkor lenses available?

I'd offer to help but I don't really know how to properly calculate the length the adapter should be for a given lens. This one printed okay and actually fit on the camera, but it is blur-city once the lens is attached!