Gunny Sacks

by BenitoSanduchi Nov 30, 2012
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great idea, great model!
Works good with woodfill and metal-fill materials as lanterns/vases.

Worth a tip!

whats with the web address linked??

how do you print whit no top solid layers?? im using makerwere for replicator

These look so Awesome!!!
I would really love to print one but will not be able to :-(
I have an UP! printer and it dosen't have a 0% infill.

Would you know of a way around this? (how to hollow out the STL?)
I'm a complete Noob to the likes of Blender, so any directions to help force me to learn would be greatly appreciated!!!

What wall thickness did you guys set it at?
Love your work! :-)

STL is a mesh only, so technically it is already hollow. It is the slicing software that figures the fill for the stl model depending upon the parameters you are able to enter for it. Some have a vase setting or hollow setting. Good luck

Thanks, Ddogbert!  I wish I knew anything about the Cube software and maybe I could help.  You could always try deleting the top polygons in Blender and see what your printer's slicing software thinks of it.  I've heard that Cura will print such meshes, but Slic3r considers the open top a "hole" and wants it closed.  
Printing this way is really kind of a round about way of doing something that seems like it should be easy in modeling software, but isn't.  
Can you print with Gcode sliced in a different program on the Cube?  Seems like you could slice in Slic3r and bring the Gcode into your print software to feed it to the printer.  

I just printed this at 60% size on my new RepRap Prusa. It was the 5th thing I have printed. Not sure how to add a photo but it turned out very good I think!

 Just worked out how to post a picture. Added mine. Due to it being 60% the textures a bit dotty. Also there were two parts that melted a bit under the overhang area. Not terrible, but obvious.

Which printer did you use?  It looks great!

Thanks!  MendelMax 1.5 variant with a Budaschnozzle .5mm.  I swear Slic3r 0.9.7 made some exterior surface quality improvements.  

I'm partway through a series on my blog of side-by-side slicer comparisons, which includes Slic3r 096 and Slic3r 097.  The difference really is dramatic.  Check it out at http://solidoodletips.wordpress.com/2012/12/03/slicer-comparison/http://solidoodletips.wordpres...

Wow, thanks for the link and thanks for all the hard work on your testing.  
0.9.7 was a major improvement, but I still find myself reverting to 0.8.4 because of the way 0.9.7 handles small details.  Went from not filling most small gaps that should have been, to filling ALL small gaps even if there's 0% infill.
Still need to try KISSlicer.    

Very Nice! What are you using for a printsurface there?

It would be really awesome if you would like to share and review your polyamide source for the rest of us here: http://reprap.org/wiki/Printing_Material_Suppliershttp://reprap.org/wiki/Printin...

That is a blank breadboard from Radio Shack.  Nylon warps even worse than ABS and it's harder to get it to stick to things, so the little holes give the bottom layers better grip.  Leaves little nubs all over the bottom of the print, but it works reliably.  
You can get the nylon here:  http://taulman3d.comtaulman3d.com   I really can't say enough good things about it.  :)